Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Heresy Era Alpha Legion - Lernaean Terminators painted

Just a quick hit this afternoon - Took advantage of the nice warm day to flock and seal the Lernaean terminators after finishing up the last highlighting stages. Also managed to flock and seal the Geno Five-Two as well, pics to follow.

I'm awaiting a small package of joy from Forge World that includes the recently-released Alpha Legion transfer sheets, after application the models will be getting some weathering as well - happy that I was able to get 'em sealed in preparation!


  1. Looking good mate! Cranking them out at a rapid rate as well despite what you say about not having any time to paint ;)

    I can't remember reading it, but why did you go for such a purple scheme instead of the tradition blue/green?

  2. Nice contrast with the gold ya got going there!

  3. @The GunGrave: Thanks mate!

    @Sheep: I appreciate it! I'm going with the purple based on the descriptions from the Horus Heresy novel "Legion", which these and the Geno Five-Two Imperial Army allies are taken.

    @Da Masta Cheef: Cheers bud!

  4. Loving the yellow fists and volkite effects against that purple armour. Good stuff mate.

  5. Looking good! Very impressed at the speed that you're getting these out! And the yellow accents on the weapons make the models really "pop". Very impressive mate.

  6. @Dai: Thanks! I wasn't sure how it'd work, but it's grown on me. Still like my usual blue power-stuff, but it just wouldn't look right against the purple tones of the armor. Easy to pick out the special weapons on the tabletop, I suppose! :)

    @jabberjabber: Cheers! It was quite fun to paint up the new plastic Cataphractii, helped to speed things along. :)

    @davetaylor: Hah! Hard to beat the ol' Martian Heat Ray!