Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Heresy Era Mechanicum - NOCF Charity Army 2017 kickoff!

It's very much early days yet, but the Nova Open Charitable Foundation raffle projects are getting rolling, and I was honored to be allowed to participate again this year! Among the various other items that will be going up for auction over the next six months are a couple Horus Heresy armies including a Sons of Horus force, and a Mechanicum cohort which are being painted up by some phenomenally talented artists. ...And me. Hah!

Naturally I volunteered for team Mechanicum, and will be painting up a couple units of Thallax. They're a little fiddly to assemble but I've started to get the hang of it, and you really can get some cool poses out of them!

Didn't want to just repeat the "get over here" pose with the second claw hand, so decided to go a bit more brutal and have him holding a damaged helmet. I'm planning on painting it up using the Sons of Horus recipe for the opposing army project, which should be fun!

...Of course, if I end up enjoying the sea green scheme I will undoubtedly be tempted to do a Sons of Horus army of my own. Nooooooo, my wallet!


  1. Well done for being selected mate and good work for putting in the time to paint for the charity!

    Keen to see your progress with these boys.

  2. Fair play for helping out with the charity work. Good on you.

    Stop being modest, they selected you for a reason. You will knock these out of the park.

  3. Yay my fav time of year! Wish i could have helped out more this year. Good thing there is always next year!

  4. You're more than talented enough to hang with the best. Don't sell yourself short! :)

    A Sons of Horus army would rock!

  5. Great stuff, the charity raffles are a good thing and to take part in making that happen is really cool.

  6. O you are incorrigible! Sons of Horus army indeed...

    Good for you helping out with the Nova charity draw again. Inspiring stuff mate - much respect!

  7. Oooh they're nice. In a killer robot sort of way.

    SoH ?!?!

  8. @RED SCORPS: Thanks bud! It's for an excellent cause, and lets me paint something fun, so it's win-win!

    @Rory Priest: Hah! I like to think I'm a decent painter, but many of the folks involved are on another whole level! Means I gotta step up my game on these, which should be a fun challenge!

    @Zab: It's always fun to see all the contributions! Your work will be missed, my man - I always look forward to seeing what you do next!

    @#2501: Auugh! You're not doing my wallet any favors, man. "Let's see, just a little force couldn't hurt. Horus, some Justaerin, gotta have Abbadon..."

    @Bronislaw Czevak: Thanks! Really looking forward to seeing the armies come together m'self!

    @Dai: Haha! It is more or less inevitable, isnt' it?

    @Zzzzzz: Gotta love a good murderbot!

    Thanks very much for the kind words and encouragement, everyone!