Saturday, April 29, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Storm Eagle 'Quas' painting underway!

After the waves of infantry I figured it was time to work on a vehicle for a change! As part of the orbital assault rite of war all of the models must either be able to deep strike or be transported in a vehicle capable of doing so. In addition to a trio of drop pods (pics to follow), the Khamasiin will have a Storm Eagle ferrying tactical squad Hesyre, and due to its size it'll also be a centerpiece model for the army.

Basically just roughing in the base colors so far, earthtones for the areas that will be done up in bone and blacking in the areas that will end up in steel (and areas that will just be black). It was actually a bit of an adjustment switching over from the little minis to this somewhat unwieldy flyer!

The army progress tracker is getting colorful now! More or less everything is assembled at this point, and a fair chunk of it is on the way to being finished - Soon it'll be time to try actually getting them on the table to get a feel for how they play...


  1. Can't go wrong with a good Strorm Eagle!!

    1. Except for that useless center rudder. It makes my symmetry lobes hurt.

  2. @TheGunGrave: Indeed! A pain to build, but very cool looking once it is!

  3. Storm Eagles still a pain in the arse to build? You'd think FW would have sorted that issue since first release years ago... -__-

    Still, painting so far looks good.