Sunday, April 23, 2017

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault squads built!

Up to this point I haven't had a viable army assembled, so this weekend I finished up the pair of assault squads - Gets me up to three valid compulsory troops choices and opens up the option of running the Orbital Assault or Drop Assault Vanguard rites of war for the Khamasiin Warhost!

I wanted to continue on with the nods to older versions of the force, but also update them somewhat so assault squad Besenmut's sergeant will be getting the ethereal wing treatment similar to what I'd done last go-around. This time however I decided that rather than using the sanguinary guard wings I'd go with the feathered Scourge wings from the Dark Eldar line. Continues the theme, but also helps show the slide into darkness that the force is undergoing!

I'd thought to do one big 20-man assault squad, but as I was able to dredge an extra sets of wings out of the Closet of Doom, two 10-man squads it is. Sergeant Mekhata also got the wing treatment, but I wanted to vary the pose a bit so they weren't both carbon copies. All of the models got the Achean upgrade kits, and some tabards to help drive home the Thousand Sons look.

Rather happy with how they've turned out, and I look forward to getting some paint on 'em!


  1. I think I prefer the Scourge wings to the Angel alternates. Makes for a suitably impressive Sergeant model in any event.

  2. I like the wings. I thin you should do them in an Egyptian style with alternating colors of the feathers and some gold. They are reminiscent of the wings that Magnus has later on (40k version).

  3. All hail the Closet of Doom and ita most loyal painting and assembly serivtor.

    Seriously does anyone else thing Joel has been taken over by it.

  4. Very nice work as always. Sometimes I miss 40K when I see models like this...

  5. @Frothing Muppet: Thanks man - pretty pleased with 'em as well!

    @Agis: A good suggestion - I may have to try that out!

    @Rory Priest: Haha! Indeed, my conciousness has been subsumed by the fell power of the Closet of Doom!

    @Colonel Scipio: Hah! I rarely play the game any more but the minis are just too gorgeous to give up entirely for me!

    Cheers, everyone!

  6. Very fitting for 1k sons indeed.

    I like the new wings - will they get the same "ghostly green" treatment as the last iteration or something else?

  7. Spread sheet . . . . . spread sheet . . . . . spread sheet!!

  8. Very cool man .. really liking the wings!

  9. @Dai: Thanks! I'm planning on the ethereal green to help tie them in with the sorcerers, looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

    @Riot Ville: Hah! Why do I hear that in Benny's voice from the Lego movie?

    @Joe B: Cheers, bud!

    @Todd Sherman: Thanks, man! Rather happy with 'em!

  10. Dam, missed the last few updates. They look good, but if I'm honest, I'm not sure about the wings (though you have always proved me wrong with paint 🎨 before)

  11. @Col. Hertford: Thanks! They're admittedly a bit more chaos-y but should hopefully all hang together as an army - Shooting for a late-heresy force post-Prospero that's sliding into corruption...