Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go...

While the Mordian 7th is my favorite army and has been slowly growing over the years, I do enjoy doing smaller 'boutique' armies to keep myself entertained and give me a chance to try new styles of modeling and painting. The most recent army was a small Bad Moons-themed army also known as Waaagh Nazdakka. Definitely an amusing army to build and paint, although I did get pretty burned out painting all that yellow and green. That prompted the inclusion of some Evil Sunz warbikers and the Dragsta, just for a change of palatte!

There are still some ork stragglers lurking on the shelves that I really need to finish up, including some deffkoptas and a unit of burna boys, but I definitely get 'army painter's fatigue' after a while and it becomes difficult to get excited about painting more orks. So for now the rest of 'da lads' languish in a primered state awaiting a paintbrush.

No forward motion on the guard this week, too many other demands on my time. Hopefully next week will be a bit more conducive to modeling - I'm itching to build my first of two Valkyries!


  1. That is a beautiful Ork army. I really love it, the yellows are superb.

  2. Thanks! I'd experimented with a number of techniques for yellow over the years, these days I generally primer everything black which means I can't just paint the yellow on over the top, it's far too translucent and the black underneath looks terrible. I start off with a basecoat of Blazing Orange (usually takes a couple coats) followed by a hit of Fiery Orange on the raised edges. Layering on Golden Yellow over the top lets a bit of the orange show through so the end result ends up being a nice warm yellow fading to orange in the recesses. I've seen some good results starting with a basecoat of Iyanden Darksun rather than the orange (ends up a much more vibrant lemon yellow), but I've not personally messed around with the foundation paints all that much...