Monday, June 15, 2009

Hold the line! Part 2

I completely forgot to post the pictures of the Defense Line turrets I'd painted last week. Pretty simple overall, but I like the models. I'm thinking about ordering another trio, they'll certainly come in handy for the upcoming Planetstrike expansion!

I've been working on some objective markers for the Mordian 7th as well, though I only have one of them painted up thus far, a command holo-tank for use as an objective set up in my deployment zone. It's a little hard to tell what it is from the pictures, but there's a little Eldar weapons platform and gunner from the epic range showing in the tank.

I have a couple more objectives in the build stage, one with an injured messenger carrying a set of orders, and a supply dump. All of them are built on 60mm bases which gives me some room to make up fun little vignettes.


  1. Haha the objective counter is amazing :D

  2. Thanks - it was fun to make. I'm looking forward to Planetstrike just for the modeling ideas as far as representing strategems goes. Expect to see many more in the future!

  3. Those Objective markers are Awesome!...I'm so stealing that idea.

  4. that objective marker is a great idea, and looks brilliant, very well done sir!