Friday, September 16, 2016

40k Deathwatch - Armies On Parade challenge begins

I threw my hat in the ring at the local shop to work up an entry for the Armies On Parade thing going on in mid-October. Since I am already hip-deep in Deathwatch it seemed the obvious choice! I'm still kicking around ideas for the board, but first things first of course and that means figuring out an army to parade!

Fired up the cogitator and penciled together a 2500 point force that includes the two 'named' kill teams from Overkill and Death Masque, a small assault force of veterans and a Librarian in the Corvus, and an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and her henchmen rolling in the Inquisitorial/Deathwatch Land Raider (as they share a lot of iconography). Best part is, a good chunk of it is already in various stages of being painted!

Once I got a list together I pulled out the relevant models to see how much room they'll take up on the board and start thinking about layouts. Pleased to see it's just about half-painted already as well!

Rather than start any models from the beginning I figured I'd better keep the momentum going on the infantry already in progress, and over the last couple evenings have been laying in more colors on the remaining character models. So far so good, rather happy with how Chaplain Cassius's face is coming along. All in all still enjoying the project, and having a deadline to work towards really helps me focus on getting a little more done each day!


  1. Everything about this is awesome.

  2. For the board how about a Xenos artefact being uncovered or being defended by the force? e.g. an Eldar warpgate, Necron tomb entrance etc. Help reinforce the nature of the Deathwatch (and Ordo Xenos).

  3. I think Rictus is on to something.

    I look forward to seeing this army done!

  4. Couldn't comment on the army selection (have no idea) but your painting is awesome on these

  5. @Zab: Thanks man!

    @Rictus: Indeed! A firend of mine is doing an Eldar force and we're looking to do a 'duelling boards' thing!

    @CJ Kilbride: Thanks!

    @Manus: I appreciate it!

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  6. Nice! Are you using some of your previously shown inquisitorial models for the retinue, or did you delve into a new batch? I just ordered a Wargames Exclusive inquisitor and three henchman models (there's a nice set on there that's a deal) and will supplement with some other weirdoes from my bits box. Have to get through Kill Team Artemis first. I'm afraid I've become bogged down in the terminators I've cobbled together (2 out of 8 are finished, though).

  7. Not a hard task ahead of you for a man of your painting speeds and techniques!

    Character figs also coming along nicely. Good stuff mate!