Thursday, September 29, 2016

40k Deathwatch - Land Raider painting continues

Just a quick one today - Got a few more colors laid in on the Land Raider yesterday and I am starting to feel better about it. Giving the eye something else to look at besides the line highlighting seems to help 'settle' the model a bit and help it look less like a big black brick.

More work to do of course, further highlights on the gold and red, then on to the usual blue power cells/cables and the scrollwork. Once this tank is done it'll be time to switch gears for Dreadtober and get cracking on with Brother Nihilus!


  1. Well done, it looks a lot less like a black brick already. I think work on the marine and the banners will really help put the top together.

    Glad you are joining us for Dreadtober.

  2. Nonono, you've got it wrong - it's spelled "Zombtober"! :P

    LR is indeed getting more interesting to look at with the details being coloured in.

  3. Zomdredtoba - maybe.

    Liking the LR. Looks like an ancient well cared for relic tank usually kept on a marble plinth in chapel in the catacombs of a Deathwatch fortress somewhere.

    Maybe needs a cobweb or two....

  4. @Rory Priest: Thanks man!

    @Dai: Haha! Might have to dig up a suitable zombie too!

    @Zzzzzz: Hah! That's an excellent idea!