Sunday, September 18, 2016

40k Deathwatch - Kill Team Cassius complete!

Managed a fair bit of painting time in over the weekend, and polished up the last of the infantry models from the first batch - all the 'fun' models that I left for the end as a reward for pushing through the basic models (if there is such a thing in the Deathwatch line)!

Really happy with how the kill team turned out as a whole, while I was initially down on the mono-build nature of the models, I have to say they really are quite cool sculpts. Each one really has their own character to a degree that you really can't capture with the build-yer-own Veteran kit!

Couple closeups of the two characters, Chaplain Cassius and Librarian Natorian. After trying out the effect on the wings of the assault squad sergeant, I thought I'd try it again to represent the psychic witchery on the Librarian. I think it works a little better than the more dark jade/neon green method I'd been using previously - gives the weapon a bit more of an ethereal look.

The terminator was a fun model, lots of fire and scales, reds and oranges. Rather enjoyed how the brazier turned out!

The biker is one of my favorite models of the set, Suberei really has a great sense of motion and a ton of cool little details. I was listening to the audiobook of Scars while painting these and I started to get a little twinge to do some White Scars on the Heresy side. Must... Resist...

Next up is finishing up the last few models in Watch Force Artemis, with a couple more characters - Artemis himself and, just in time for Dreadtober, Brother Nihilus! I'm also hearing rumours of further Genestealer Cult codexes and models on the horizon - there's still a whole set of cultists on sprues in the Closet of Doom, could be there's another army on the horizon while I await the upcoming Prospero book and box set!


  1. Oh man now I have to get some more of my Kill Team Cassius done.

    Great work!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing you do Artemis. I have the original model and love it. I can't wait to see it painted at 28mm.

  3. These are marvellous. Full of character. I can almost hear 'Little green bag' playing in the background from that scene in Reservoir Dogs. 'Let's go to work!'

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  5. Stay strong and resist the Scars.

    Well done on all of them but I think the best job was done on termi, to me anyway.

  6. I'm gonna have to improve my painting. I might phone 'round some people...

  7. These look fab mate.

    The glow on the librarian is indeed better and very fitting.

    You're right about the amount of character in the sculpts as well.

  8. Nice work as always! I love all the mix of colors, it really adds to the look of the squad as a whole. 8)

  9. Lovely paint jobs. You're inspiring me to start my own Deathwatch army.

  10. @CJ Kilbride: Thanks! Can't wait to see your version of 'em!

    @John Stiening: Cheers man! I'll do my best to do him justice!

    @Monkeychucka: Haha! Totally!

    @Francesc: Thanks!

    @Rory Priest: Hah! Resisting so far! Thanks!

    @Zzzzzz: Hah! You get first crack at 'em when the time comes bud!

    @Dai: Thanks very much!

    @Todd Sherman: Cheers! Ya really have to rely on the spot colors on predominately black or white minis, that's for sure!

    @Del Stover: I appreciate it! They've been a blast, definitely give 'em a go!

    Thanks very much for all the kind words, folks!