Thursday, September 8, 2016

40k Deathwatch - Vanguard Veterans painted!

A little under the weather the last few days, a bit of the Con Crud from Nova I'm afraid. That said, I did get a little painting time in while I recuperated! As mentioned earlier I'd decided to break up the next stages of the Deathwatch painting process into more manageable chunks, and went with the Vanguard Veterans first - seven of 'em in total, two from Kill Team Cassius, and a unit of five from Watch Force Artemis.

I really enjoyed painting these models, as I'd never messed with the new(ish) veteran assault squad set before, and the addition of the bits from the new Kill Team sprue really made for some cool models. While I did feel somewhat constrained by the weapon loadouts on the Formations for the basic vet squads (pics to come), the loadout on the assault squad is more or less what I'd choose (barring the power maul). Really dig the Storm Shields in particular!

The other two jump troops are part of Kill Team Cassius and while they're a little more blinged out than their cousin squad above, I wasn't super thrilled with either of the poses - I see where the sculptors were trying to go, but they both feel a little off with both legs bent as they are. Also not happy with the Blood Angel's face now that I'm looking at the closeup - some further work is required to fix that up.

All told however, I'm really digging how they're coming along! Next up are the two five-man Veteran squads...


  1. Hope you are feeling better! Marines look FANTASTIC! I love the jet pack glows as well!

  2. Nice! I love the detail you picked out on their storm shields!

    I started using your posts for motivation to drill through my model backlog. You're way ahead of me, although I did cobble together some DW Terminators last night out of spare parts (finally an excuse to use other chapter-specific bits!). I'm really digging the fact that you can get power fists with melta guns now.

  3. Loving the old school vibe of the bases and the jet pack glow. Helps give them a sense of movement.

  4. @Greg Hess: Thanks man! They've been a blast to paint, they're all little characters in their own right!

    @#2501: Cheers bud! Really looking forward to seeing your take on 'em!

    @Rory Priest: I appreciate it! Still working on believable glow effects, they're fun to do though!

    @Zab: Thanks very much!

  5. I think your harsh on the models, they look pretty good in the photos. Great job as ever!

  6. Great work on them! I like the blue energy weapons and the red rocket glow, really gives color to the otherwise black/silver that they tend to be.

  7. @Col. Hertford: Thanks man! We are ever our own worst critics! ;)

    @Joe B: Thanks very much, man!