Sunday, February 7, 2010

Better call the exterminator, I think I have Termites - Part 2

I managed to find some time to finish off the Termites over the weekend (though it's too cold outside to seal them at the moment). They painted up rather quickly, and I decided that rather than make them all exactly the same I'd try to give them each their own bit of individuality.

It appears I still need to back and erase the pencil lines that I used as guides around the rim of the drill (they show up in the pictures much more than they do in person for some reason).

I painted one up in the ubiquitous hazard striping, another with the cog-wheel motif common to many Adeptus Mechanicus vehicles, and then butchered some latin to make a proto-gothic script around the third. It says "Ex Carceri Viscus, Omnissiah Vindico Nos", which loosely translates to "From the prison of flesh, Omnissiah deliver us". I am really pleased with how they turned out, and I would heartily recommend Ramshackle Games for their affordable and professional casts!


  1. They so remind me of my days playing 'Space Marine' many years ago. I used to love those tunnellers. Cracking work as always mate.

  2. Sweet. Nice painting!

    My authentication word - appropriately for tunnellers - is "borin" !

  3. Thanks folks!

    I'm right there with ya, Corbane - I'm scheming on building a Termite Carrier similar to the old epic model, though what purpose it would serve on the battlefield would be suspect. Not that THAT'S ever stopped me!

    Argh, the puns continue! I think that henceforth their appearance on the battlefield must be preceded by a terrible pun. "...And now, to undermine your battle plan - the Termites!"

  4. Hey mate, if I can build an ambulance and then drive it round the tabletop going 'nee nar', then you can build a termite carrier.

    Do you remember the Imperial Mole?

  5. Great job on those termites! Your Adeptus Mechanicus continues to grow, you have any army shots ready yet?

  6. @ Corbane - Indeed! That's exactly the style I'm shooting for. Of course, doing a Hellebore would be fun too... No! Must resist absurd conversion projects! :)

    @ D'nyarak - Thanks! I'll try to find some time this coming week to pull out all the Ad Mech and get a group shot of what exists thus far... Pretty much everything except for the Hypaspists are at least built and a lot of the built stuff has been painted, so there's enough to at least make an interesting group shot!

  7. The selenites have invaded!
    PS I used Ramshackle on your recommendation and I concur - very good company.

  8. Those things are too cool. Your pics make me want to get a brace of them for my AdMech army...