Monday, January 25, 2010

Anathema Assault Tank - Part 1

...Aaaaand the hobby fund falls into the double digits. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself "Gosh, I pretty much have everything I need for all the armies I have. Yup, gonna be able to just paint a mess of stuff and rebuild the hobby fund for a while". Then I made a pass through my favorite sellers on ye olde ebaye and ran across this:


Dubbed the Anathema Assault Tank and made by a fellow I've done business with in the past, I'd missed out on the last one and was pleased to get a second chance at picking one up this time around. My sinister plan is to utilize it as a proxy Malcador for my burgeoning Adeptus Mechanicus army. The weapon loadout is rather close, though this sports a twin-linked Heavy Bolter that the Malcador lacks but forgoes a rearward-facing bolter. All in all I doubt my opponents would kick up much fuss about using it as a proxy.

It definitely looks different enough from the traditional Imperial Guard designs that I feel it would look out of place with the Mordian 7th, but it'll fit right in with the Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force Chi Xi as a field expediency trials test vehicle. Following this purchase (and one at the end of the week) I have to impose a moratorium on buying new models until such time that I paint and sell off some of the existing stuff. Hopefully I can get in some good brush time next month!


  1. yeez, what are those parts from?
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. That is completely awesome! Good gravy, it makes me want to start a new army just to have one..or nine.


  3. It appears to be based somewhat on the Russian Lebedenko or "Tsar Tank", taken to a 40k extreme. It appears that it was made from plasticard, rivets and GW parts rather than from a specific model kit though. Here's a link to what I assume was the inspiration:

    Seeing as the creator of the model lives in the Russian Federation, it's a fair assumption. :)

  4. What a unique model. That is a jaw dropper when placing that on the table

  5. You would be in a bidding war if I had the cash.

    I asked her a question on the last one of these. As you said, parts from GW and the rest Scratch built.

    I also looked into WWI artillery for the iron wheels and pads. But I think those are a major endevor to locate, and would need to be scratch built.

    I even aksed John at John's Toy Soliers to see if he could find some (I sware that man can find the coolest stuff). Nothing.

    Anyway, good luck on aquiering it.


  6. Oh, there was one up with a buy it now that I went for over the weekend. Looks like there's another up at the moment that someone's bid on that killed the buy it now option. While I'm tempted to try and get that one too, my wallet screams "NO!" :)

    A company named KORA makes a 1/72 scale resin model of the Tsar Tank though it appears they go for big bucks. Apparently the model is rather huge, much larger than the Anathema version. You can find the kit at - it doesn't have the pad-and-wheel style, but the overall look is very reminiscent.

  7. What's the eBay seller's ID? I want to ask him where he got those bigass wheels! They're awesome!

  8. The ID is 'mrs-velard' - He's usually pretty helpful, though his responses take a couple days.

  9. Thx! Man, that tank cost THAT much? I guess considering all the FW bits ( I know I've seen most of those before, but can't place the wheels) he used it's fair (sort of), but jeezus that is one expensive model.

    Can't wait to see it painted!

  10. I was lucky inasmuch as the one that I directly purchased from him was significantly less expensive than the one that was bidded up on ebay subsequently. It ended up being about $30 cheaper than a FW Malcador (the rules for which I intend to use for the Anathema), so I can't really complain about the cost. The quality of the casts he makes are uniformly excellent and I'm willing to pay a little premium for something a bit more unique (that and I'd sold some stuff to offset the cost). Hopefully it should be arriving sometime this week, as I'm really looking forward to building and painting it!

  11. Veghist from Lascannons and Lances ( is advertising for custom parts to be cast in resin; you should send him a wheel and ask for a few pairs of them.