Sunday, February 28, 2010

The last of the Crimson Fists - Part 1

Over the past year my model-buying has seriously outweighed my model-completing - Far too many projects crowd my shelves and lurk within the depths of the Closet of Doom. It's high time to rectify that situation and polish off some of the smaller side projects and get them out the door. That being the case, I've decided that the next major painting effort will revolve around cranking out the Crimson Fists army I have been procrastinating on.

I'd assembled this small force with the intent of using it as an allied assault force for the Mordian 7th, but in all the time that they've sat assembled, they have only taken the field once. I'm thinking that I need to add a Devastator squad to round out the army, though if I do so I will be assembling them from existing bits. With the exception of the upcoming Battle Missions book, I have vowed not to buy any more models until I complete and sell the Crimson Fists. I plan to attack them assembly-line style and paint all of the remaining infantry at the same time. I spent a bit of time this afternoon applying the initial Midnight Blue basecoat to the models, and plan to add at least one color to them every other night until they are complete. ...At least that's the goal!

 In other news, I've been running a bi-weekly game of Rogue Trader for my gaming group (the above cruiser being one of the recently-painted models we're using in the game), and I'd purchased a 3'x4' dry-erase board to facilitate gameplay - it's great for sketching out a quick map or keeping track of notes and such for the various players (not to mention being a decent backdrop for white-balancing model pictures). Of course, it does lead to random doodling on the part of the players as well:

That's it for February, here's hoping March is a productive month!


  1. Looks like you're ready to move on those fists! I've got a pile of stuff waiting for this North East snow to disappear and give me a nice enough day to prime.

    Also,does the Rogue Trader RPG translate well enough for old D&D and WoD players to pick up in a night? We've been talking about it but some of our players are "refusing" to learn a new rule system. My argument is it can't be that cumbersome to learn since we have all RPed before.

    Thanks and get to work (for all of our sakes!) Painted Pics or it didn't happen =D

  2. I hear ya - the North American Weather Control Satellites have been set for "Hoth" for far too long!

    The Rogue Trader RPG is a percentile-based system, and at its core is rather simple to pick up I think. There's a bit of math involved when it comes to situational modifiers, but as they're usually all +/- 10, the game seems to flow fairly smoothly. I'm enjoying running the RT campaign moreso than the Dark Heresy campaign from last year personally, it seems like the players have a bit more freedom to explore the 40k universe on their own vessel as they see fit, in contrast to DH's central premise "Your boss the inquisitor says to go here and do this." There is a bit more work for the GM in RT though, it's a bit more free-form so the GM really has to be on his toes if the players attempt to hare off in unexpected directions. It's my favorite setting by far, and it's my second favorite game system, coming in slightly behind WEG's D6 Star Wars - an elegant system for a more civilized age. :)

  3. <3 d6 SW. Sadly thats one of many dust collecting hardbacks on my shelf.

    Thanks for all the info. Sounds like its more up our ally than DH.