Monday, March 1, 2010

Old Crow Civilian Vehicles

Back in late January I'd placed a small order with Old Crow Models - I've had an eye on their products for years, but finally decided to give 'em a try. The models are 'true' 25mm scaled, and I'd seen some scale shots alongside some 40k vehicles to judge that they were small, but would make convincing civilian transports that I could use in special scenarios or just as terrain. After a long-ish wait they arrived over this past weekend and I set to assembling and 40k-ifying them a little. The weather was nice enough today that I was able to primer them over my lunch hour and snap a quick picture:

 All in all I'm quite pleased with the models, they were very clean casts and they were a breeze to assemble. They were affordably priced as well, though their standard delivery times are a few weeks longer than one would hope. All in all though, a great product worth being patient for, and I'll likely order a few more different models in the future. Once I get some paint on them I'll post some actual scale shots, but I think they're going to work out wonderfully. Much to my opponent's chagrin they arrived right on the heels of BOLS revamped Genestealer Cult list, and I think they'll be ideal for that nefarious purpose as well... Muahahah! 

That will be for later on down the road though - for now, back to the Fists!

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