Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Anathema Assault Tank, Part 4 - Painted!

A bit more forward progress on the Anathema recently. Nothing too exciting, just finished up the red on the hull and started picking out some of the details.

I'm still trying to decide what other details I can add - the model doesn't really have a lot of large open spaces for unit markings.I think that somewhere on the model I want to add some white cog patterns to really tie it in to the Adeptus Mechanicus theme.

It really ends up looking fairly imposing, it is quite a large model in comparison to the 'standard' tanks. All in all it will be a suitable stand in for the Malcador Defender that it will be proxying.

All-in-all, I'd say that I'm 90% pleased with it as-is, but I'm still scratching my head as to what else it needs. Any suggestions, folks?


  1. Holy crap, that thing is huge. Great stuff! My only suggestion would be to use a little sepia on some of the silver treads to give it a more work look.

  2. wow sweet. It really is massive ain't it!


    It is a very strange tank, but ir totally fit the Adeptus Mechanicum theme!!

    Nice work.

  4. NICE WORK!!

    I'm just starting a DKoK army and I found our posts abt tank paint schemes both refreshing and enlightening. Kudos!

    Back to topic, since this is an "experimental" tank, it would be approriate if it were to sport robotic arms aka Iron Man's Dummy (Tech Marine servo harness bits come to mind).

    It would be cooler though if it has a "docking system" with your King Russ tanks and the smaller Leman Russ tanks, for transporting,towing or salvaging purposes.

    Anyways keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Vent - Good call, the wheels do need a little something more.

    @MoaS - Indeed, it's 9" long, 6" wide and 5" tall. And rather heavy!

    @Nicholas - There's another Adeptus Mechanicus tank coming (the Biologis Land Crawler) that has a number of mechanical arms. It's essentially a mobile Xenos dissection lab!

  6. Badass. Looks like it trundled out of the pages of a Dan Abnett book!

    You might add some AdMech cogs and devotional scripts to tie it in with the rest of your army, but overall, nice work!

  7. This tank is sick awesome! I'm loving it.

  8. Thanks very much, guys!

    @#2501 - I'm in agreement with the cogs and scripts, though I'm a little stymied as to where would be appropriate. I'm thinking the side sponsons for sure, and perhaps along the bottom edge of the front of the tank. There's just not a lot of big flat planes to paint on like there are on more 'normal' tanks...

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  10. Nice work!
    It is really inpresive, CONGRATS!