Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus Army review

I recently played a game with my Dark Eldar against SirBiscuit's Grey Knights. The game was great fun, but we didn't attempt to document an actual battle report. Following the game I threw down the gauntlet for a rematch. I, as many of you know, am primarily a hobby gamer whereas SirBiscuit is definitely a tournament player. That being the case I suggested a "WAAC Powergamer vs. Fluff Weenie" match at some point in the future. As an avowed Fluff Weenie, I offered to play my Adeptus Mechanicus, and figured that I'd pull the models out of their various boxes and shelves and see exactly where things stand.

It turns out there's a touch over 3500 points assembled and in various states of painting. There's still quite a bit lurking in pieces in the Closet of Doom, but I was pleased to note that of what there is assembled, there's really not all that much remaining to be painted. While I was at it I realized there were several units that I've never actually taken pictures of. Time to remedy that!

In addition to the previously-completed Archmagos Veneratus and Archmagos Prime and his Tech Magos Cabal, I have a fair number of other techpriest models that I've collected over the years. Enough in fact for another Archmagos Secundus and Cabal.. You can't really have TOO many Tech Priests after all!

The final HQ choice is a Skitarii Consul and his unit of Protectors. The Consul is made from the body of the Thunderfire Techpriest (whose arms and servo harness were rendered down for bits), and the Protectors are a mix of Iron Hands and other bits. Each of them is heavily bionic, and I'm considering painting them up as Iron Souls from the Rusted comics.

The Explorator force is heavily influenced by the Legio Cybernetica, and includes two maniples of Robots. The first unit, Maniple Psi Phi has been painted for quite some time. The second maniple includes one each of the five original Robots, which I've dubbed Maniple Chi Xi.

I've had the Luminen unit painted for quite some time, though they still need to be based. For a small 6-man unit, the Electro Priests are a rather scary assault unit.

While I was at it I did a little more work on the Myrmidon - Finished up the reds and started blocking in the cog patterns on the leg armor plates. I'm still deciding where else on the model I'm going to add the cogs - I'm thinking along the top 'neck' armor would be appropriate.

There's only about 40 models remaining to be painted, and I'd like to be able to field an entirely painted army for the incipient battle report, so I'm gearing up to batch paint all the remaining infantry. Oof.


  1. Overall just a really really great looking army. I love the LR conversions - looks relatively (I use the term loosely!) easy to do for dynamite results! Assuming the moles are counts as drop pods? It would be epic to see this completely painted.

  2. That army looks really impressive all together and thier not even all done yet!

    They certainly will look great when all finished.

    I'm def a Fluff Weenie as well when I play. :P

  3. amazing looking army- I love the Skitarii! i'll look out for these guys once their conplete!

  4. Thanks folks! I've set out the unpainted models in preparation for a mess of batch painting, I'm hoping that I can get them all finished up soon.

    @Tristan - I'm using the Tempus Fugitives Codex Cult Mechanicus for the army, but in the case of the Termites yes, they act identically to drop pods.

    @LuckyNo.5 - Indeed! Of course, just because we're Fluff Weenies, doesn't mean our opponents won't know they've been in a fight!

    @pornstarjedi - I appreciate it! The Skitarii are Iron Brotherhood models, though at some point in the future they will be used as Praetorians, as I have several boxes of the Wargames Workshop Greatcoat Troopers that I plan on building to act as the bare-bones Skitarii units.