Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mordian 7th Regiment, the rebirth!

I know this may come as a shock, but I actually did some work on my guard! I'll pause briefly while you recover from this stunning development.

To recap my history with the Mordian 7th Regiment - Ever since the Rogue Trader era, I've been enamored with the Imperial Guard, and my very first guard army was an attempt to recreate the army listed in the 40k Compendium. Since then the mighty 7th has held a special place in my heart, though I've never quite managed to complete the list in its entirety. The last version came very, very close however, though it was beleaguered by small hobby missteps that eventually culminated in my selling off the majority of it - It got to the point where I felt it would be more fun to rebuild than to repaint!

Chief among these is the fact that I didn't give them the correct paint scheme. Early on in the painting process I was (still) working on the Adeptus Mechanicus, and I cunningly decided that I could use the guard as Skitarii if I went with red and grey. According to the Compendium however the Mordian 7th's livery consisted of black fatigues trimmed in red to represent their hive ganger origins and their company motto "In the dark, blood will flow").

So I assembled a new Commander Evin Eldro and his command squad and set about trying out the 'correct' paint scheme. So far I'm pleased with how they're coming along. The dark blue/black fatigues with the red piping is reminiscent of the dress blues worn by the majority of the Mordian Iron Guard, and gives the impression of what they would look like if they donned standard guard flak armor. The breastplates on the Commander and the Standard Bearer are from the Empire Greatswords kit, and were chosen in an attempt to mimic the Rogue Trader-era guard command miniatures. I think I'm going to paint the medic's flak armor white to help distinguish him as the medic a bit better than he is now.

The tanks will be painted in a black and red scheme as well, as shown by the Bane Wold I'd painted a while back, and I think I'm going to keep the tank crews in red.. All in all I'm actually looking forward to dive back in to the guard!


  1. Looks like I'm not the only one getting their guard mojo on :-)

    Excellent work mate, love the command squad.

  2. fantastic work mate. They look splendid in their colours without looking cartoon like. well done

  3. Looking good! Does the compendium have information on any other Mordian regiments? I'm working on the 31st and it's all my own colours and such but would be cool if there's official stuff to help me out. Thanks!

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Col. Corbane - glad to see you posting again, I look forward to seeing what's next for you (assuming you find some codex grey).

    @MoaS - I appreciate it! I was a little worried about the yellow weapon casings but I did feel they're going to need a bright spot color to offset all the dark blues and greys.

    @Lockz - Unfortunately no, the red book info pretty much focuses on the 7th. Their background is rather different from most of the Iron Guard inasmuch as they're essentially a drafted hive gang, and don't have quite the esprit de corps that the rest of the Iron Guard have - of course, it was also written well before the current Mordian miniatures were released in their dress blues.

  5. I really like the crazy Mad Doctor with the servo skull.

    Great stuff man, Keep it up!

  6. haha, the 7th can run with 95th Cadians anytime! Glad to have you working Guard again. Nasty dark eldar can sit in the corner!