Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus - Explorator Force Psi Phi Army Shots

One of the best things about hitting a painting goal is being able to get a good shot of the army, and so I pulled out all the models that were part of the 3000 points that I've been working on of late:

Explorator Force Psi Phi gathers for battle! The army is light on numbers but heavy on firepower, the force is geared towards setting up multiple overlapping fields of fire with the Rapier Laser Destroyer, Robot maniples and King Russ battle tanks, which cover the advance of the Hypaspists and Protectors that arrive via Termite Tunneler.  The Electro Priests are generally used for backfield objective holding and the Myrmidon and Archmagos Veneratus provide mid-field fire support and close combat threat against flanking enemies. The King Russ tanks each have their specified roles - The Executioner with its massed plasma fire is a Terminator-killer, the Vanquisher is a tank hunter more than capable of punching a hole through a Land Raider lengthwise, and the standard Russ variant carries a trio of Heavy Bolters and a Battlecannon for dealing with massed infantry.

I'd set up a painting chart to track my progress for the 3000 point army, and I have to say it felt good coloring in those last few green boxes!

A couple close-up(ish) shots of the army as well - all in all I think it turned out rather well! Well, except for some obvious focal plane issues on the part of my photo-taking.

Of course, this is just about half of the actual final planned army. There still remains a further 3000-ish points worth of models and bits in boxes in the Closet of Doom. Granted, a goodly chunk of those points are tied up in a pair of Knights and an 800 point Ordo Reductor Ordinatus Minoris...

I'm definitely feeling as though I'm back in fighting trim as far as painting goes, and finishing of this 3k has got me excited to knock out the next 3k worth of models. In fact I'm just getting ready to kick off a month of May-hem (get it?) wherein I plan on finishing off 3000 points worth of Dark Eldar over the next month. This is important, as if I can get them painted and sold before the next wave of DE models arrives, I can avoid being dragged back into the pits of Comorragh (i.e. I won't be tempted to buy more models)!


  1. they are absurdly good. loving the updated old robot models in particular :)

  2. Very unique looking army, grats!

  3. The army looks great!

    What Codex are you using to represent it?

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Atreides - I've always been a fan of the Legio Cybernetica, so a couple units of Robots were a must!

    @Cyborg Trucker - I'm currently using the Tempus Fugitives Codex Cult Mechanicus list. As they've been iterating their codexes for years and years for use with their campaign events, I find that they're rather balanced and well written.

  5. I don't have time to gush, but I have to at least mention that this army is awesome!

  6. Awesome! So are you going to field them vs someone else's 3000 point army? That's a must-see batrep for sure!

  7. Thanks!

    @#2501 - The impetus behind this flurry of painting was to get in a battle report/game against SirBiscuit's Grey Knights and/or Marines this coming weekend. Unfortunately I haven't heard back from him in several weeks so I'm not sure if that's still on or not at the moment...

  8. I'm with the Inner Geek.


  9. I just saw these tanks on a warseer post, can you tell me where you got them?

  10. I appreciate the kind words everyone!

    @Admiral Drax - Thanks! I swear one of these days I'll actually paint some more Guard! :)

    @JRV - I got them several years ago from a guy in Russia who sells various resin kits on eBay under the name mrs-velard. From what I understand the molds were damaged a while back, but it may be worth contacting him through eBay to see if he's managed to get them repaired.

  11. Gorgeous! I hope that game actually happens, I'd love to see these guys in action.

  12. Hey, I nominated you for the Stylish blogger award.

    Check it out...


    And, as always, splendid work!

  13. I have also nominated you!


  14. hi

    I have linked below my photobucket so you can see the latest mechanicus models I am working on. sorry technology is a bit beyond me so cant seem to put photos up on tempus fugitived website for you



  15. Wow - thanks everyone! I've been out of touch for a while and I appreciate the kind words and nominations - guess I have some writing to do!

    @Dickie - Awesome work man! I especially like the Archmagos, that's top notch!

  16. Cool pictures !
    Follow this blog is always a pleasure. Thank Mordian 7th