Monday, May 30, 2011

Hobby Retrospective - Billboards

Unfortunately due to some home renovations, my hobby loft has been more or less unbearable, and as such I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I would have liked to these past few weeks. So, that means it's time to poke through my photo archives for post fodder for another Hobby Retrospective!

I got a few emails about the terrain from the recent battle report and people seemed to get a chuckle out of the billboards. I'm a big fan of adding little humorous touches to the battlefields (especially when playing Necromunda), and I'd thought I'd show the other billboards in the collection.

Long ago there was a 40k webcomic called 'Lost In Space', and I made a few faux-advertising billboards using the characters. After I'd printed them out, I used a spray adhesive and monted them on some thick card stock. Later on I thought I'd try my hand at painting them, as well. Mixed results, in retrospect I should have just used colored markers.

It's not all strictly Imperial propaganda - advertising is all about targeting the wider markets!

Of course, the Inquisition, a group which concerns itself with rooting out wickedness and heresy obviously should have the most racy billboard...

Last but not least, the Slurm billboard. As I'd mentioned in an earlier post, I really think Slurm fits right in with the 40k universe. Just don't mention it to the Ordo Xenos.

Today's Hobby Retrospective brought to you by Thompsons Teeth - Tell me that's not a smile you can trust!


  1. I'm here to pick nits...

    The first billboards states that if I join the planetary defense force I can travel to exotic worlds... It's planetary defense. They don't generally leave their home planet. Still better than the truth... "sit around and wait to be invaded"!

    Overall I like them though.

  2. Yeah, that's bothered me as well. I still have the raw images lurking on my drives, I should really whip up a new one that says "The Imperial Guard Needs You!" instead.

    Some of the base black-and-white images may be found here for anyone who fancies making/altering some billboards of their own: