Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Rumble - 3000 points BA/SoB vs. IG/Nids

So it was a long weekend for us Yanks and a few friends got together to do a 2-on-2 battle on the 4th of July. The teams ended up being Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle vs. Tyranids and Imperial Guard (mostly because of the three 'good' armies, the guard are the most likely to be heretical). We were each given 1500 points to spend and I decided I wanted to try to make a themed army list - in particular a genestealer cult-ish sort of thing.

As I felt that any command structure would have been eliminated in a cult uprising, my list ended up being led by an (un)Sanctioned Psyker. I wanted to include as many abhumans, mutants and scum as possible, so the army included a unit of Ogryns, a unit of Ratlings, and a Beastman Attack Squad (Penitents). I also brought in a unit of Rough Riders, a couple Veteran squads, a Leman Russ Vanquisher, a Medusa Emplacement and the Manticore. My compatriot went with a serious horde of bugs, and we chose to go second, deploying after our opponents which gave us a good change to set up in a threatening manner.

I'd brought along my camera, but we didn't really do a fully documented battle report, but I thought I'd share the pictures that were taken. Our opponents went with more of a split deployment (compared with our intermingling of units) with the Sisters taking their left flank and the Blood Angels on the right.

An epic battle developed on the left flank with a Blood Angels dreadnought steaming across the table and engaging a large unit of 'stealers. While they clawed (mostly) futilely at the dread's armor, it methodically began squashing them left and right. A huge unit of hormagaunts skittered forward to support, but in a series of amazing rolls, one of the 'stealers managed to find a weak point, rending the dreadnought and causing a serious explosion!

In the middle, the Blood Angels deployed an assault squad dangerously close to several objectives, but due to some unfortunate dice rolls, they were mauled in the heretic shooting phase and finished off in close combat. A dark day indeed for the Blood Angels. On the heretic right flank, the bugs began pouring forward through the gap, and entered the village contested by the sisters.

In retribution for the loss of their assault squad, a Baal Predator managed to outflank and completely obliterate the Leman Russ Vanquisher that was dominating the left. The remaining troops on the left fled from the assault-cannons!

At the bottom of turn four, the Sisters made a last ditch run at contesting one of the objectives on the Heretic side, while the massive swarm of hormagaunts attempted to do the same to the SoB objective. In the end the game was a tie with one objective held on each side and the third objective contested. Overall a tense battle with some major see-sawing back and forth. Good times were had, though - and that's what's important!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend (unless you're not a Yank, in which case I hope you had a decent monday)!


  1. That does sound like a good time. We had some folks over for swimming and grilling on the 3rd, but laid low on the 4th. Nothing as exciting as a game of 40k for sure!

  2. What a great way to celebrate independence day.