Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Sekhmet Terminators in progress

After messing around with the Librarian Dread to get a feel for the colors, I decided to take a crack at the Sekhmet Terminators for the Thousand Sons.

The initial build utilized a mix of Chaos and Loyalist terminator bits, plus some Chapterhouse Scarab Terminator shoulder pads. In the novel 'A Thousand Sons' there is a section which talks about the fact that the Thousand Sons were starting to be issued the new Assault Cannons, although they decided to continue to refer to them as 'Reapers' as the name has power. That being the case, I cut the Autocannons from the standard Reaper and fitted an Assault Cannon in their place. The heads were cut down from the Loyalist helmet and it looked fairly decent in the build phase, but once I started laying some paint on them, the gold and red made them look like fairly vanilla Khornate Terminators. Out came the needle-nose pliers, off came the heads and a selection of the resin Egyptian-themed heads were added in their stead.

This really helped solidify the look of the Thousand Sons, and I'm quite pleased with how they are turning out. It was at this point I really started thinking about the overall paint scheme for the army as a whole. According to my research, the standard rank-and-file infantry are red armor with white edging/trim and gold accents. For the veterans however, I decided I'd be going red armor with gold edging/trim and white accents. That being the case, the shoulder pads for the Sekhmet are done in a light bone-white to offset all the gold and with the blue spot color on the power weapons they're starting to look more cohesive. This also ties them together with the Blood Ravens paint scheme (as they are rumored to be a successor chapter to the Thousand Sons).

Not a whole lot left to do on these guys, highlighting on the blues, some minor detailing and the bases and they're good as done!


  1. Reading that novel got me wanting to build a pre-heresy 1K sons army too, what list are you planning to use to run the army? I was thinking counts-as GK.

    I would love to know where you got the different bits. Scibor has some nice egyptian themed bits too.

  2. I'm using the Age of Heresy lists from the Tempus Fugitives ( personally, though they're currently under revision prior to their next big game day in October. If I was going to go counts-as I'd probably go with the Space Wolf codex, as I think the Mark of the Wulfen could make for a decent way to represent the flesh change, and their psychic powers are fairly nasty. GK could work as well, though that codex loses out on a lot of the 'standard' marine vehicles that I'd want to use.

    The helmet bits here and found elsewhere on the various models I've done so far are from a seller on eBay called irina_est, and I use a fair bit of MaxMini (Khopeshes, Steam Knight helmets) and Chapterhouse bits (shoulder pads, vehicle bits).

  3. I see what you mean about the red/gold looking too Khornate. Maybe you could offset that by using White as your other major accent color, and break up the red areas with runic motifs? That way they'd look mire pseudo-Egytian, to boot.

  4. Thanks, I'd seen the Maxmini stuff, and the CH stuff on here. You had mentioned an ebay seller before and was curious.

    The reason I wanted to choose GK was paladins, having two wounds I was going to make wound markers that would represent the warp beings they mentioned early in the 1K son book.

  5. @#2501 - Indeed, I'm looking for areas to add a bit more white to them. I think what may help is adding a set of white loincloths to the ones that don't have 'em, and maybe add white/bone colored lines to the helmet vanes...

    @Tristan - That's not a bad idea, I've been mulling over how (or if) I want to represent the Tutelaries on the models...

  6. Sorry I'm late to this party, I was at Games Day.

    These guys look terrific. The conversions are just amazing.

  7. Again a great use of parts, I always enjoy the skullish chaos helmet you used for the lead terminator.

    Very cool.

  8. I hate to be "that guy," but if you bothered to drill out the end of the assault cannon on the bottom barrel, why didn't you drill the rest on the individual barrels? When they rotate into position, sure things come out the ends of them, right?

    Just another little detail that pushes models from good to great.

  9. Thanks folks!

    @The Inner Geek - Nice! I wanted to hit Games Day, but settled on GenCon instead. A weekend of geekery awaits!

    @LuckyNo.5 - Indeed, I'm a big fan of that helmet as well. Good thing too, because it didn't want to pop out when I was replacing the initial helmets (but I didn't try too hard as I didn't want to ruin the existing one).

    @AoM - Doh! There's invariably something that I miss while doing the build and those barrels should have been drilled out. Ah well, I guess I'll have to go with the 'little dot of black paint' approach. Good catch.