Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus on the auction block

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen expenses that have bitten deep into my vacation funds, I've been forced into selling off some of my collection to help fund the upcoming trip to GenCon. That being the case, over the next couple weeks I'm going to be auctioning off a number of units. To lead off with I've put the Adaptus Mechanicus up for auction on eBay. As it's currently all packed up in a set of Battlefoam trays, I figured I'd see if I could sell off the entire army at a single auction, but if that doesn't work out, I'll be parceling it out into individual auctions.

The Adeptus Mechanicus army that's going on the block is probably the most conversion-heavy army I've sold in a long, long time - nearly every unit is either Out Of Print, converted in some way, or made from custom after-market models. All told, it points out at around 3500 points and is comprised of the following units:

Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Force Psi Phi
(click the pictures to enlarge, as usual)

OOP Skulls Techmarines Set

5-man Iron Souls Protectors unit

1x Custom Built Archmagos Veneratus

12-man Skitarii Maniple (Red)

12-man Skitarii Maniple (White)

5x Robots (Red/White)

5x Robots (Grey/Yellow)

1x Custom Built Myrmidon Assault Engine

3x Termites (Ramshackle Games Boring Machines)

1x King Russ Executioner w/swappable sponsons

1x King Russ Vanquisher
1x King Russ Punisher w/additional Battlecannon turret

1x Knight Paladin (BigDaddy miniatures, includes Knight Pilot)

The current auction listing may be found here. As the two boxes that contain all these models are both large and heavy, at the moment the auction is restricted to US and Canadian bidders only (as the cost of shipping the boxes overseas would be hundreds of dollars. I apologize for that restriction, but should the army not sell, I'll be opening up the individual units for sale to a more world-wide audience. I'm a little saddened to have to let these guys go, but when all is said and done I enjoy the 'building and painting' more than the 'having', and as I have plenty more Ad-Mech bits in the Closet of Doom, it simply means I can start building another Ad-Mech army in the future!


  1. Ho-lee-poop I wish I could afford this...

    If you end up selling it in parts I'll definitely be looking out for that Techmarines Set.

    Sorry you have to sell off these pieces, mang. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks Lantz - I'm sad to part with them, but a little excited inasmuch as I'm already thinking about how I'll build the next Ad-Mech army! There's plenty of bits in the Closet of Doom devoted to the Ad-Mech that didn't get used on this batch, so there's plenty more to work with in the future! I figure it's relatively unlikely to sell it all at once, but it will definitely be easier to pack and ship if it does...

  3. Sad Panda.

    That's such a great army, it must be a real wrench to part with it. There are a lot of great pieces in there.

    If it doesn't sell as a group in the 1st go, you might also list the separate units as auctions in their own right. You'll probably net more than you would from the single army sale.

  4. Indeed - That's the plan. I'd like to sell it all as one big army as it's all packed up into multiple Battlefoam cases for easy packing and shipping, but it'll definitely go up as individual auctions next saturday if there are no bites. I'm trying to find the wherewithal to finish off the last of the Dark Eldar so they can go on the block as well, but I'm suffering from serious army painter's fatigue on that army. Oof.

  5. Its sad that you have to sell these off, it's a really awesome collection.

  6. I see these only now, I'm sad about this event ... your mechanicus army was so perfect...