Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Storm Eagle painted

Pressing onward with the World Eaters, this time around it's the transport for the Berzerkers - The Storm Eagle! I'm really pleased with the look of the model, and it was a blast to paint though in retrospect I should have left it a bit less assembled than I did. It would have been a much easier job had I left the wing separate during the build process. Ah well, I was in the zone while building it and got carried away...

I went back and forth on the blue and white breakdown, and finally settled on just picking out various flaps and ailerons in blue, leaving the majority of the model in white. Once I had it all blocked in, I went over it with a sponge to add some scrapes and peeled paint along the leading edges where it would logically be taking the brunt of the weathering.

The yellow missiles and the green glow n the cockpit help to break up the vast fields of white and give the model a bit of spot color here and there.The front of the vessel got the brunt of the weathering, as I figured it would be most likely to take a beating on the way to the landing zone.

I left the top hatch loose in the painting stage to allow access to the pilot. I've really liked the "instrument panel glow" effect that I've seen others use on their flyers and gave it a go m'self. Statted off by painting in the main colors on the pilot and then gave him a light green wash, then highlighted the edges that would be lit up by the console. Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it all came together!

At this point everything that I have built for the World Eaters is now painted. Time to reward myself with some build time!


  1. Damn dude, wow.

    I was thinking about just smoking the interior glass on my Storm Talon but I guess you have convinced me otherwise, the glow on the pilot is amazing, as is the rest of the vehicle.

    I can't believe how quickly you belt this stuff out. Even if I were unemployed I would probably still paint at half your speed.

    Can't wait to see what's next.

  2. I'm going to reiterate redscorps... you paint with a vengeance!

  3. Thanks very much folks!

    This model did paint up really quickly - Most of the heavy lifting on the white portions of the model was done via sprays in the initial stages - dark grey primer, then by a light grey then white zenithal highlight spray. After that the whole model was given a pale grey wash, taking care that any brush streaks flowed in the direction of travel which helped tie it in with the later weathering steps. Easy peasy!

  4. I like the glow of the cockpit. To really seal the deal, you can add some reflected lighting to the back wall of the cockpit, but leave the shadow the pilot would cast on it.
    That will really help create a direction light source.

    Ron, FTW

  5. I'm not sold on the model's aesthetics, but that's not your fault ;-) I really like the lighting on the pilot, though! You did a great job!

    Have you considered tinting the cockpit canopy slightly green as per Ron's tutorial? I guess that would make it look even more convincing!

  6. Great job! I am glad to see that you got it painted before doing more building. I can't wait to see what you have set up for us next and lets hope for a BatRep too! *Crosses Fingers*

  7. Thanks very much folks! I appreciate the kind words.

    @Ron - Good call, I'll give that a shot!

    @KrautScientist - I considered it, I need to find some future shine though. Sounds like a straight wash would be far too colored.

    @Col. Dracus - Indeed, it's actually been keeping me focused to do the "build a unit, paint a unit" method. Gotta build up some Troops choices next, and after that it'll be a FOC-viable army and there will be playtests for sure! (Especially with 6th ed. on the horizon...)

  8. That looks amazing! I love the weathering, reminds me of an X-Wing in Star Wars.

  9. It looks great! You are really painting at an amazing rate and at very high quality!

    I agree with Ron about the cockpit.