Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Tactical squad in progress

I realized while updating the painting chart that I haven't actually painted up any Troops choices, which are essential to the current FOC and I assume will be in the upcoming edition as well. Sticking with my "build one/paint one" plan, I pulled out the box of World Eater bits and built out the first of two ten-man Tactical squads. Gave them a pass with the grey and white zenithal primering method, then settled in to start painting!

I started off by giving the models a wash of Vallejo Pale Grey, concentrating on the recesses. After that I went back with some white to pick out some of the upper edges that would catch the light. Anything that is going to be metal or rubber was then blocked in with black, followed by a drybrush of Boltgun Metal and dark grey, respectively. The shoulder pads and backpacks were given several coats of Imperial Blue, and will be highlighted with ultramarine blue (though that hasn't been done as yet. They are coming along nicely though!

I've also been working on an old-style Land Speeder. Ron over at From The Warp recently did an article about making your own waterslide transfers, and was nice enough to send me a sheet of World Eaters symbols for me to try out (potentially saving me a lot of trouble hand-painting umpteen zillion of 'em), so I gave them a try on the speeder. The sheet that Ron made for me (thanks again Ron!) used the 'transparent' paper which works a treat over light colored panels, but requires a bit of finesse when used over darker colors.

In the case of the shoulder pads, I ended up painting a white circle then centering the transfer over the top of it. The intention is then to go back in and clean up the white with the original shoulder pad color, though I do sort of like the look with the white circle as well...


  1. Really nice work as ever - always great to see new photos! I especially love the electric blue you got onto the thrusters of the Land Speeder, looks very dynamic. Can't wait to see the finished squad!

  2. great work on the speeder and tac squad. Second left front is that rocket launcher guy carrying a chain sword as well? now that's commitment to your doctrine lol.

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Blitzspear - Absolutely! I was seriously considering adding a chainblade to the flamer as well, but it looked a little too silly. :)