Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Praetorian Project - Leviathan rebuild continues

Had a free day yesterday and spent some time gluing up the upper superstructure for the Leviathan, and added some further embellishments. It's really starting to take shape now!

The longer barrel for the Doomsday Cannon definitely works well, (thanks for the feedback, folks) and I'm quite happy with the upper turret too. Now that it's back together, I wanted to add another tank for scale, though my black background and black tank didn't work well together. The track sections are roughly three times the length of the hull of the Leman Russ, and almost as wide!

My order from Forge World arrived bearing multiple brass etch icons (amongst other goodies to be revealed at a later date), some of which have made it on to the main structure - I'll likely add some more to the side turret towers as well. The towers are proving to be a bit challenging as they are a rather complex shape - wide at the bottom, narrowing towards the top and slanted inwards to match the slope of the sides of the upper structure. Let's just say I've figured out a half dozen shapes that DON'T work... Argh.

Still, this has been a really fun project so far, and I'm looking forward to finishing it up!


  1. Amazing. I love seeing the scratch builds and hands down this one is shaping up to be one of the very best!

  2. Impressive. Credit to your determination on this project, I would've quit ages ago. :)

  3. Thanks, folks!

    @Colonel Winterborne - It's certainly the biggest, that's for sure!

    @Dai - I'm hoping to finish it relatively soon. There's a great deal of hyper-detailing that could be done, but the original plan was always to aim for something that I could complete in a reasonable amount of time. Besides, I need the space in the hobby loft, this project is taking up way too much of the room! :)