Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tzeentch Renegades - Helbrute painted

I had a little painting time last night and since going to Adepticon next April is on the table, I got to thinking about what I'd want to take out there for my first entry into a tournament since 3nd edition. While I have a fairly good-sized guard army already painted I don't really relish the thought of trying to travel with them. Time for a stunt army! Painting up the cultist squads a while back has had me thinking about resurrecting the Tzeentch Renegades so I set to on the Helbrute from the dark vengeance set.

I thoroughly enjoy painting this color scheme - it's basically the Red Corsairs scheme done with blue and yellow rather than red and black. The halved/quartered/alternating at random pattern helps keep the models interesting throughout the painting process - each model is a little different from the next, so even batch painting 30-40 of them isn't as tedious as it usually can be...

The skin was worked over in the tone that the pink horrors and screamers will be painted, to help tie the army together. I'm not 100% happy with it however, I think it needs a wash to help blend it together, but I fear a purple wash will darken it far too much. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

I'm still working out how exactly the army will be built, though I have plans to build another unit of screamer-riders (as proxy Bikers or Raptors, not sure which) now that they've come out with plastic Screamers, and a Hell Talon as a proxy Heldrake (just not a fan of the Heldrake model). However it ends up, it's going to be colorful, that's for sure!


  1. WOW!
    I really like this scheme, its so bright and gaudy and so...Tzeentch.
    Cannot wait to see more from you.

  2. Yawser - that was a lot of colors right from the morning. Quite interesting.

    If afraid to darken the purple with a wash, I'd suggest you try a wash in the color as your brightest one. That should still have the wash effect, without changing much in the overall colors.

  3. Incredible work ... but I say that like I'm surprised. Great stuff as ever. Not an expert washer, but I have similar problems on historical minis, their expertly-mixed uniform colours being darkened by a necessary wash. I often run the model under a tap (briefly, just to get it wet), then touch it with the tip of a wash brush. The surface tension pulls the water into the cracks and a little bit onto the flats of the model, but it's more accentuated and extreme - darker shadows and lighter flat bits. Not sure if that helps

  4. Thanks folks!

    @Kevin - more to come on this front soon!

    @Manus - Good call. I don't have a pink/elf flesh wash but it should be fairly simple to make one.

    @Colonol Scipio - That's a very interesting technique! I'll have to give it a try on some various models to see if I can make it work for me. Thanks!

  5. You could use a green wash in the recesses to push the shadows more and that would leave the highlights and mid tones the way you like them.

  6. Blue in the recesses would bring out the recesses more. If you are worried about it being too dark, then dilute with water - I usually go for (water)1:3(wash).

    But personally, I think it rocks as is mate. Very Tzeentch. Very in your face.