Monday, October 1, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus - Sagittarii built

A little breather while I wait for more parts for the Leviathan to arrive allowed some time to work on the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Skitarii march to war with a number of bizarre and esoteric weapon systems not commonly found within the armies of the Imperium, and amongst these are the Sagittarii who bear a bewildering array of heavy support weapons in support of the Hypaspist maniples.

The Sagittarii are describes as consisting of a Ballisterai controller and a quadrupedal servitor/robot that carries the heavy weapon. In keeping with the general spider-y aesthetic the army has thus far, I'd ordered up some of the spiderbots from Blight Wheel Miniatures to act as the weapon carrier. Six legs are better than four, right? The weapon is the heavy tesla cannon from MaxMini, and will act as a Photon Thruster in game (72", S6, AP D6, Blast). The Ballisterai are built similar to the Hypaspists I'd shown earlier, with their controller device fashioned from a bit off the space marine hunter killer missile, and the aerial that was trimmed of the voxcaster that makes up their backpack. Easy peasy!


  1. That's a very clean, natural conversion with a neat 'out-of-the-box' look, in a good way. Very nice job - I'm looking forward to seeing some of your trademark bright colours on the Tesla cannon!

  2. Those look great. Fit in perfectly with your other Mechanicus stuff and fun to boot. How many points are you up to on this project? I think a new pic of all finished works is in order mate. ;)

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Colonel Scipio - You betcha! I'm thinking about going with a glowing orange-y yellow on the coils, for a change of pace.

    @Dai - When the dust settles the army will be about 2500 points, of which I have about 1850 built but only about 1000 painted. Once I get the Sagittarii and Hypaspists painted I'll get an army shot put together, for sure!

  4. really interesting conversion ! do you know the colour scheme ?

  5. They'll get painted up in the basic Mechanicus Red White and metal. Similar to what I did with the Arch Magos here:

    Love your minis, I'm hoping to get the mantis tank painted soon too!