Saturday, April 20, 2013

Eldar - Eldar Corsairs painted

Spent some time over the last week working on the Eldar pirates that I'd built about a million years ago. They have been sitting on my painting shelves patiently ever since, but no longer!

They're built from a mix of Dark Elf corsairs and Eldar bits and incorporate some arms and weapons from waaaay back. My intention was to run them as Storm Guardians alongside an Eldar army that I'd planned but never really came to fruition. Not sure what I'll do with them now, worst case scenario is they come in handy for some 40k:RPG campaign along the way. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with the banner either. It needs some iconography, but I haven't found anything I like as yet.

I rather enjoyed the duality of the color scheme coupled with the way the poses turned out. From the front the models are very much purple and blue. From the rear, they're predominantly green. I had some trouble capturing the purple color in the lightbox, so I went back to my old 'on the table' shots which I think show off the colors a bit better. To be honest, I'm thinking about abandoning the lightbox and going back to this, as it seems as though the depth of field and focus ends up being a bit sharper.

Coming up, the finished KemVar models for Mercs!


  1. Nice! They look great.

    I love the cold one cloaks, looks very piratey IMO.

  2. Scale cloaks = badass! Nice touch.

  3. @The Eye of Error: Thanks! I was well pleased with how well the Dark Elf and Eldar bits fit together - as you are no doubt aware. :)

    @Zab: I appreciate it! I wanted something to give them a bit more feral of a look without going full-blown dark eldar. It seemed to strike a nice balance.

  4. Those cloaks are well good!

    Pirates are the only Eldar worth a damn, and even then dead ones are prefered. :)

  5. @Dai: Thanks! I absolutely agree, these will likely be used most often far target practice on the part of my gaming group. Dead Eldar will abound! :)

  6. I *JUST* had this idea myself but I think you've pulled it off way better than I can! Corsair/storm guardians made from DE Corsairs! Nice work! (Tho I then asked myself, how likely am I to field storm guardians...? I'm much more of an aspect warrior player.)