Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MERCS - KemVar painting in process

A little more non-40k shenanigans today with an in-process shot of the next Mercs team I'm working on - KemVar. They are a conglomerate founded from a pair of Brazilian and Venezuelan energy companies, and are known for their high tech energy field manipulation. In fact, they utilize the field manipulation to generate an active camouflage stealth suit effect which essentially makes them tremendously difficult (read: annoying) to try and shoot on the tabletop.

Here's the team in a midway-painted stage. I decided to go with the colors from the Brazilian flag for the unit (green, blue and yellow) which gives them a bit more visual pop than the more 'realistic' khaki and olive drab of the FCC models I'd painted earlier. In the back you can see one of the "stealth" models that the company does, though at the moment I've only built the one (single piece) model. The others are all multi-part and it seems that the superglue that I use royally frosts over the acryllic so I need to find a better glue before continuing on...

Fully painted pics to come soon!


  1. Still cool models. Though I see what you did with the colors, from a strictly painting perspective, I'd change the blue. A bit disruptive I think. What are those "clear" models for?

  2. Aye - The blue ended up getting darkened down a bit. The clear models represent when their stealth suits are active on the tabletop. Not strictly necessary from a gameplay perspective, but a cool visual way to denote the effect rather than a simple counter next to the mini.


  3. They are nice figs. The armor is almost like Tau, but more streamlined.

    I dig it!

  4. Indeed - It's been quite interesting painting another company's minis. The Mercs model ranges definitely have their own aesthetic. Fun stuff!