Sunday, April 21, 2013

MERCS - KemVar painted

Two posts in two days? Madness! Knocked out the KemVar models recently as well, and thought I'd share the pics. As alluded to in my previous post, I'm less and less happy with how the lightbox pics are turning out and will likely be doing another series of shots against my usual backdrops.

The KemVer are significantly more high tech than the previous FCC squad I'd painted, so I wanted to go with a more futuristic and flashy paint scheme. Since they're described as being members of a Brazilian/Venezuelan faction, I figured the colors from the Brazilian flag would do nicely!

They're definitely colorful! I still need to find the correct type of glue to assemble the 'optical camouflage' models, but they'll make a nice dichotomy on the table. They're either nearly invisible, or bright primary colors!

The Assault Leader and Assassin form the main hand-to-hand fighters of the KemVar. They both have rather nasty powered blades and pistols, which means while they don't do much at range, they're extremely nasty if they can get into close combat.

The Trooper and Demolitions are the mid-range support models, the former carries repair kits to fix up the armour of his compatriots, and the latter hurls some rather horrific grenades which contain a biological weapon in the form of a segmented worm that burrows through armor and into flesh. Nasty!

The Sniper and Heavy bring the big guns to the table. The Sniper carries the usual AP rounds, but also is capable of firing 'repulsor tags' which can prevent tagged opponents from moving within a certain distance of one another. Handy to keep the repair guys and medics away from the people they're trying to fix! The Heavy is capable of firing twin torrents of fire in multiple directions, or combine them for a real hail of lead.

The Shock Trooper is the most recent addition to the KemVar line, and is yet another hand-to-hand fighter. Completely bereft of ranged weaponry, depending on how far she charges when entering combat the more damage she's capable of doing. When charging from the maximum distance, there's not much armor in the Mercs universe that can withstand it!

All in all it's been refreshing to paint up some non-GW minis, and dabbling in some different color schemes has been rather entertaining!


  1. Very nice. I like the themed scheme, and I'm a little jealous you got the Active cammo features, they're some pretty sweet minis.

  2. Thanks mate! I'm still trying to find the right glue to use to build 'em unfortunately. What I have tried so far on some test acrylic sprue has fogged up something fierce...

  3. Very cool man.. they are looking good! I'm waiting to see whats up with the Eldar coming out in June. If not I might pick up some Merc mini's.

    Very nice looking bases as well.

  4. Hard to make blue and green go well together, but you've done well sir. Exciting sculpts on these, better than the other MERCs team you showed.

    For best glue that will not fog up clear plastics try Humbrol's "Clearfix". If you can't find any, look up any sort of "Canopy Glue" substitute (The name for glues specifically produced to stick clear parts together).

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Todd Sherman: I'm looking forward to seeing the Eldar release as well, although my wallet cringes at the thought!

    @Dai: Aye, it's not a 'great' color combo and not one that I'd ordinarily choose but it turned out better than I'd hoped. I definitely like the sculpts on these KemVar more than the FCC from earlier, they have a bit more personality. Thanks for the tip on the glue, I'll see if I can track some down!

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