Sunday, April 7, 2013

Imperial Guard - Mordian 7th Regiment state of the army

I've been spending some time clearing out some detritus from the Closet of Doom and getting things organized. My buddy Dave over at Ex Fide Vivo recently finished up his Blood Angels army and took some army shots so I thought I'd follow suit, and see what exactly remains to be finished for the glorious 7th!

There's a bunch of 'em! As I finish various units I tend to just pack them away in battlefoam trays and store them in the CoD, so it usually comes as a surprise to see how much there is once it's all laid out on the table. Of course, the Leviathan taking up so much space does feel a little like cheating. Heh.

Here's a few closer-in shots. There are still a few models that remain unpainted, but not all that many to be honest - a couple tanks, a platoon command squad, the Baneblade and the Leviathan (which isn't really ready to be painted, it still needs more build time and detailing if I'm honest).

I was pretty happy with how this 'ground level' shot turned out. Evin Eldro and his army of criminals, gangers and general scum, backed up by some serious firepower!

Dragged out the painting chart and got it all updated, as well as added in the points costs to see where things stand. 6315 points, and it's nearly all painted - not bad! Nearing the finish line, I'll probably have it done just in time for the new codex to come out and invalidate half of the army. Hah!


  1. Looking good..and roll on a new codex with new units! :)

  2. Very impressive - like the old 'whole army' shots they had in the codices before Photoshop took over. A great collection - I know what you mean about it looking bigger together once it's out the box!

  3. Well done as always, that's an impressive collection my friend. One day we'll have to meet up at a con and play!

  4. Looks smashing all stood on parade like that. Never been that close to fully painted myself, so count me as jealous too. :)

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Sir Tainly: Indeed, the current codex is getting a little long in the tooth. I'm quite looking forward to seeing what the 6th ed codex will bring!

    @Colonel Scipio: Thanks! I was really surprised to see it all laid out like this. It's always fun to do the big panoramic shots!

    @jugger: You bet! Hopefully next year will be a bit more conducive to convention attendance for me. :)

    @Dai: Well, it's been an army in progress for the better part of four years at this point, so it's not like I've been hurrying. Hah! Still, it's nice to be so close to the finish line!

  6. Very cool! .. It's always cool to see a fully painted army. Plus with Guard it's a TON!

  7. That is truly inspirational! I think you have just motivated my to get back to my painting table. :)