Monday, January 21, 2013

Dark Angels - Nephilim Fighter painted

Got quite a bit of hobby time in over the weekend, and dived in to the Dark Angels - still sorting out the army list for Adepticon, and it seems as thought I ended up painting several things that I'm not going to be taking out there with me after all... Argh!

The Nephilim fighter is a case in point. I knew as soon as I saw the model that I had to build and paint one, it was just too cool not to! However, it turns out the rules and points for it are a little underwhelming - the armament is a little too light to effectively deal with opposing flyers (other than the single twin-linked lascannon), and at 180 points it's pretty darn expensive.

Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to build and paint. It really reminds me of the Thunderbolt fighter (my favorite of the Imperial Navy flyers), and it is far and away a better looking model than the previously-released Storm Talon.

I did try something new on the canopy, and went for a 'reflected horizon' look. It's not the best rendition ever done I'll admit, but for a first try I'm reasonably pleased with how it turned out. Definitely will be attempting this again in the future!

When all is said and done however, the Nephilim was pulled out of the Adepticon army list, in favor of an allied guard contingent and the access to the hardier, better armed, and less expensive Vendetta!


  1. Agh! I LOVE that canopy. Totally stealing that! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Yes, def a cool model. Great work!

    The canopy looks cool!

  3. The Canopy looks good man, very cool idea and I'm sure you won't see that much out there! Always nice to see something new and different.

  4. Love the model, like you I will be getting one and then thinking about fitting it in friendly games... it's too meh for competitive play maybe a DA Allied Force, or painted as a Relictor - they are DA and UM geneseed after all...

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Zab: Excellent! Glad to help!

    @The Eye Of Error: I appreciate it! The next time I do it there's a few tweaks I'd make to the recipe (the gradients are a little too dark overall), but not bad for a ham-handed first try, eh? :)

    @Todd Sherman: Thanks! I'm looking at it as my first tentative steps into the Non-Metallic Metallic/False Reflective thing that some painters use to great effect. It's good to try new things and stretch my boundaries from time to time!

    @Siph_Horridus: Totally, it's going to be a casual game must-include model but there's better things to spend points on in a truly competitive arena. I'd love to see one done up as a Relictors craft, that would look neat!

  6. Nice work as always. I wanna convert one of these up for a Chaos fighter someday.

    That canopy belongs on a 70's van, love it!

  7. Great work love the canopy! Juggers right as well. It would make a great base for a chaos fighter if you dont like the heldrake.

  8. Dude, I personally HATE painting white, but you managed to pull it off in a manner that makes me slightly jealous, haha. Great model!

  9. @Jugger: Hah, So true! It does have a bit of a 70's vibe!

    @Drax: Thanks mate!

    @Phil Morris: Indeed, there's some cool conversion potential with this model - it could be de-ravenwinged fairly easily, the only main issue is the RW symbol rather prominently stamped across the bottom rear fin. That'll take some sanding and cutting to get rid of...

    @Damn The Valley: I'm right there with ya, that was not fun to do. Lots and lots of really thin coats. Went Shadow Grey, Fortress Grey and then Ghost Grey (which is darn near white with just a blue-greyish tinge to it. A couple of the most extreme edges and rivets got a tiny touch of skull white at the very end - Tedious in the extreme! Oof.

  10. Hiya

    Super cool work as always . The red works really well as a spotcolor, breaking up all the darkness.
    Quite a few large project you are juggling around at once,

  11. Yep, canopy certainly came out striking.

    I like this model so much, such a shame regular marines got the goldfish instead of this beauty.

    Great job sir.

  12. I really like it!
    Cant agree more on the similarity with a Thunderbolt fighter (also one of my favs of the Imperial Navy).
    The canopy looks sick as well.