Monday, July 8, 2013

Eldar - Crimson Hunter painting in progress

It was a nice long 4th of July weekend here stateside and it was jam packed with fun stuff! Couple barbeques, a gig with the band, a game of 40k (for which my buddy Dave has done a great write-up) and some painting time. I had gotten a little tired of painting blue and yellow, so I thought it may be time for some red! I'd put together a Crimson Hunter Exarch taking build cues from the excellent Todd Sherman over at SincaiN40k - I'm not a big fan of the top forward fins that GW suggests, so the Hemlock tailfin was added instead. Definitely a better look!

I started off by laying down a base coat of Dark Fleshtone, and then started doing some drybrushing on the leading edges with Red Gore, Blood Red and Hot Orange, trying to blend them together to make a nice gradient. Once that was done, I hit it with a Carroburg Crimson wash to tie it all together and mute it down a little.

After that, I started picking out the various panels and engines in black and leather (which is the basecoat that the bone color will be built on. So far so good! I'm still sorting through pictures from the game on the 5th, turns out I didn't have the anti-shaky-cam on and a LOT of my pics were blurred to the point of uselessness. Curses!


  1. Looking good. I love Todd's build and will probably copy it as well if(read: when) I get my own Eldar flyer (or 2). I think the trailing edge should do great tying in with the rest of your scheme.

  2. Great looking crimson color. Love it. What do you play on the band? I play bass. I was in a band for a few years and loved it. Great job.

  3. @Evan S: Thanks! I definitely dug his build and feel the scalloped tail is a better look (at least for an exarch) than the little canards.

    @Zab: I appreciate it! One of the best things about an Eldar army is the ability to paint all sorts of colors on the various units!

    @Eldaraddict: Thanks man! I'm also a bassist (in fact our band has two basses), it's definitely a fun instrument!

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Thank you - it's been a fun model to paint so far!

    1. It sure looks it. Really love the red and how you got the gradual transition

  4. Very cool man I'm really liking the color scheme on it. Yeah I really like the three rear fin combo look makes it look more aggressive to me for some reason. 8)

  5. @Todd Sherman: Thanks! I totally agree on the triple-fin. Great idea, mate!