Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eldar - Dire Avengers Painted

Had a surprisingly free Saturday for a change, and I was able to take advantage of the relatively cool morning to finish off the Dire Avengers!

I took a couple pictures, but the white-background ones completely blew out the white on the models. So back to the old-school picture style (which to be honest I prefer)! Painting all the little gems was a chore, I found that on average each one had about 25. Oof!

I've started laying down the base colors on the Warp Spiders, but nothing worth taking pictures of. I'm hoping to have them finished by the end of the weekend though!


  1. Bloody hell mate, that was fast! They look great, and the old Sokol photo gives them some more context and scaling.

    Maybe a mix of both would be best to get the details and the "coolness"?

  2. 25 gems each. Wow!! Looking good though, and at this rate the army'll be done in no time!

  3. Nice work as per the usual standard mate.

  4. Top notch! I love the tabbard on the exarch :)

  5. Swift!

    White seems a little flat, otherwise they'll fit in nicely. Good stuff!

  6. @Sheep: Thanks! I like the sense of scale a little terrain gives the pics as well.

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Indeed, it was a lot of little dots! Hoping to have the whole army done by this time next week...

    @Frothing Muppet: I appreciate it!

    @Zab: Thanks! I need to take some pics of the unit from the rear - they all have similar yellow cloth, but they're all on the back where you can't see 'em. Doh!

    @Dai: Cheers! Aye, white balancing the pics still blows 'em out a bit. They do have a little grey wash around the various protrusions and vents but it gets lost in the pic.

    Thanks for the kind works, all!