Friday, July 26, 2013

Eldar - Not exactly batch painting, but still...

No painting time this morning (the snooze button's siren call would not be denied), so just a little forward progress today. At this point in the process, I broke up the batch into smaller groups so I could focus on the colors that wouldn't necessarily be shared across all the models. On the other hand, I ended up working a little on each of 'em so it's still sort of batch painting! Heh.

The seers with witchblades and singing spears got their blades done up in purple (still in progress, gonna try and add some lightning), and I started blocking in the areas which will eventually be white with Shadow Grey - This will then get passes with fortress grey and ghost grey, with only the very uppermost edges with pure white. The farseer's cloak, the fur on one of the warlocks and the hair on the other will all end up getting the treatment.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the spiritseer and bonesinger spot-color-wise yet, so they just got a little touch up here and there. Eventually they'll get runes and such on their cloaks in white, but I want to work the purple from the warlocks and farseer in there somewhere.

On the advice of my buddy Dave, I'm going with red blades (which will eventually transition up to orange and yellow). So far, I'm really digging how it sets off against the blue!

Last up are Illic Nightspear and the Autarch - started blocking in their cloaks, though in retrospect I'm going to re-do the Autarch's cloak to match Illics. Think I'll save the white for the seer council models.

I always wince taking pictures close up like this. It definitely shows up all the issues and mistakes and places I've missed that I still need to address - oof! However, looking at the pics helps me understand what I need to practice on!


  1. Geez! That is some great progress. For the purple on the bonesinger and spiritseer : either gems/ eye lenses or face plates (which might look weird next to the yellow) or some kind of purple OSL from their hands/ staffs?

  2. Good God man! And here I thought I was making progress!'re a virtual machine!!

    They all look great my friend :)

  3. Excellent progress, M7. The Autharch I use the most has exactly the same wargear as the one in your pictures, so I guess one of us must be doing something right.

    What about a sort of black/bright green shiney jewel effect for the mystery spot colour ?

  4. Looking good. I love purple blades. Don't know why but to me they just look great! Can't wait to see the lightening effect.

  5. @Zab: Good call! I'm going with some purple on the Bonesinger, hadn't thought about trying to do purple OSL. Intersting!

    @Miniature Tim: Hah! Thanks man!

    @Zzzzzz: I do dig that autarch's wargear combo! He matches the various aspect warrior squads in the army as well, dire avenger/fire dragon/striking scorpion/warp spider. Appeals to my OCD! :)

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Thanks man! I find reds and purples set off well against blue, they're good complimentary colors!