Thursday, June 5, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Characters ahoy!

I'm finding I'm not enjoying painting the Javelins as much as I might have expected, so I set them aside for a bit to work on a couple characters instead. I'd laid the foundational red, boltgun metal and gold on these three models when I was working on the blocks on infantry, so it was mostly a matter of working on the details! First up is the initial sorcerer for the army, Ankhu Anen:


FW recently FAQ'ed the horus heresy army lists, downgrading the maximum mastery level to 2, which makes running a Thousand Sons army a little tough using the vanilla legion rules. No matter, I'm sure that they're get a boost when the book is released. ...In two years. [sad trombone]


Next up is Siege Breaker Megiddo, who will be joining the missile launcher-toting heavy weapons team. Granting Tank Hunters to the unit as well as the opportunity to fire on any units who happen to deep strike nearby? Yes please!


Lastly is Apothecary Thothmes, who will be joining the 20-man tactical blob squad, providing them with a much needed feel no pain save. No real surprises there, pretty much every heresy army I've ever seen includes at least one 20-man tac squad with an apothecary, it's just the done thing.

I'd mentioned not enjoying painting the Javelins, but that's mostly due to not finding a great way to hold them while painting - they're a little too heavy to try and pin onto a painting handle, and a little too irregular to delicately hold in hand comfortably without risking putting a finger or palm into a previously painted area that hasn't dried thoroughly. Nevertheless I've managed to get the gold on and start blocking in the areas which will be leather and bone. Not too far to go now!


  1. Lookin' good my man! Siege Breaker is sweet!

  2. Super sweet space marines! That sorcerer looks like business and totally ready for "post heresy" :P

  3. Great work. I especially like the sorcerer - amazing detail, & nice foreshadowing of the post-heresy Thousand Sons.

  4. @Jugger: Thanks very much, man!

    @Dai: Hah! Sadly Ankhu Anen doesn't make it off Prospero. Choosing a character fated to die means I can't blame myself when he is inevitably slain on the tabletop. :)

    @Pawn Cocktail: Cheers! I tried to save the most flamboyant helmets for the leaders. :D

  5. @Green Stuff Industries: Thanks very much, man!