Monday, June 9, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Terminator Squad Phosis built

I managed to get some build time in over the weekend and put together Terminator Squad Phosis. 9 Terminators in modified Saturnine-pattern armour using Grey Knight legs and arms (Titan is a moon of Saturn, so I've always assumed the GK armour is what FW refers to when they mention the Saturnine pattern) and resin torsos, shoulder pads and heads I'd picked up a while back but never got around to using.

The intent is to keep them as basic as possible (combi bolters and power weapons) in order to keep the cost of the squad down. The whole unit clocks in at 305 points, which isn't bad at all! I intend to do a unit of Cataphractii terminators to act as Magnus' personal honour guard The Scarab Occult, but I'm holding out hope that FW will make them (as they've been cranking out legion-specific terminators for many legions).


  1. Damn fine. Honestly, this is one of the best themed armies i have seen over the years. every new unit looks great!

  2. productive hobbyist you. :P

    As always, I'm severely jealous.

  3. Well these guys are looking a bit awesome!

    Great work.

  4. Looking good! I think I've seen these resin torso's before on ebay. Thye look solid.

  5. @Zab: Thanks very much man! I've really been enjoying building and painting 'em so far!

    @Miniature Tim: Hah! Definitely in the rhythm of getting up early and putting in an hour or so of hobby time in the mornings before work. It's been a fun and relaxing way to start the days!

    @The Man In A Hat: Cheers man! I appreciate the kind words!

    @The Eye of Error: Aye, they pop up from time to time and I'm always a sucker for thousand sons-y bits. Can't resist picking up a set whenever I run across 'em!

    Cheers folks!

  6. Those look so awesome. The GK armour/poses really look good with the khopesh