Monday, June 16, 2014

Terrain - Warboards city blocks

Spent a little time cleaning up the hobby loft (it was getting out of hand) which freed up the table enough that I could set out and snap a few pics of the new table covers! A while back I'd paid in to a Kickstarter that was doing some tabletop fold-out gaming mats that had caught my eye. As is usually the case with KS projects, significantly past the original release date they did finally arrive, and I was able to lay 'em out and see how they looked!

All told there are four different 2' x 3' fold out sections, which can fit together in a few different arrangements covering a 6' x 4' table. I grabbed a couple pieces of terrain to see how they'd look on the boards - rather pleased with 'em! I forgot to take pics, but the back sides of the boards also have further maps, two of them have a cave complex and two have a space-hulk-esque ship corridors sort of thing going on. Useful for RPG games, as well!

Due to the delay, the fellow who was running the KS effort gave some of us the option to get a spare board, and I picked up the space board for use in the Rogue Trader campaigns. All in all I'm quite happy with them and I'm looking forward to getting a game in on the new city streets!


  1. Neat idea - those mats look great!

  2. Those are some cool mats! What company did those come from? I would gladly throw down some cash for those.

  3. @Pawn Cocktail: Totally, can't wait to get a game on 'em!

    @Ghengis Vaughn: They're from a kickstarter, sounds like eventually he's planning on having them for general sale:

    Cheers, guys!

  4. Found 'em!

    Looks like they have the site all set up and ready to sell too. Unfortunately they aren't shipping them across the pond yet :(

  5. Hi Mordian,

    Glad you received your boards okay, and that your happy with them. You Cityscape setup looks fantastic!

    Thanks for backing the Kickstarter and all your support.