Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus - Adsecularis Covenant built

The packages from Anvil Industries and Ramshackle Games arrived over the weekend, and after getting all the resin goodness washed and trimmed I spent a little time getting everything assembled!

Quite happy with how the bits all fit together. I'd heard that the Anvil Industries stuff tends to be on the 'chunky' side as far as their Marine-scaled bits are concerned, so I made sure to go with their Guard-scaled bits instead - hard to tell from pics on a website, but when I had them in-hand I have to say they're scaled perfectly! The 'lens screen' heads from Ramshackle games worked a treat as well, and definitely ties the models in with the Thallax models - I'm envisioning these poor tech thralls as being just a few steps away from Thallax implantation...

In other news Feast of Blades is coming up this weekend, really looking forward to going down and getting some Heresy games in with the Thousand Sons. If you happen to be attending, stop by and say hello on Sunday!

In other, other news I cleaned out the bookshelves a bit and put a mess of older 40k books up on eBay. Bunch of auctions starting at 99 cents just to clear out some room...


  1. Those are remarkably thallax looking heads...

  2. From here, they look pretty darned cool. Very fitting for thralls indeed.

    Am interested to see those Anvil Industries guard pieces up close.

  3. We need a few close ups of these, STAT! : )

  4. @Zzzzzz: Aye - as soon as I saw 'em on Manus's conversions I knew I had to get some for m'self! Ramshackle Games, always purveyors of cool bits!

    @Dai: Thanks! I was well pleased with the Anvil bits, will definitely be ordering from them again in the future!

    @Davetaylor: Sadly, I've subsequently primered them and black primed minis photograph notoriously poorly. I'll see if I can find a blown up section from the original pic (before I'd cropped and shrunk it for web posting), though!

  5. They look great! I was looking at this bits before from anvil and ramshackle, I never bought though.

    Now I feel I might get them seeing how good they look on your unit.