Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus - Knight Castigator painting complete!

Not much in the way of hobby time this week, though I did manage to get the waterslide transfers and some weathering on the Knight Castigator, enough that I'm calling it complete!

Pretty straightforward - went with the big house Krast symbol on the left shoulder, and the lion on the quartered sections to tie it in with the Paladins. Trimmed down one of the shoulder cog symbols for the left leg, and the crossed reapers to tie in with the armament.

Lastly I wanted to take a 'model's eye view', it's definitely an intimidating looking beast! With all the cool knight kits FW has been showing off of late I'm pretty sure that this won't be the last Knight to join House Krast...


  1. SIIIICK awesome. That's my comment!

    Sweet heraldry marking man.

  2. Nice color palette and markings! Also, that last pic makes him look pretty tough. I have a feeling there will be a lot of brave battle cries that sound strangely like: RUN AWAAAAAY!

  3. Fantastic job! I like the scoring you did on the gun shield and other plates. Really cool detail.

    This model does make me wish his shield was about 4x bigger though. From the thumbnail, it looks like the tiniest of bucklers :).

  4. Fantastic! Really good scheme that brings to mind the old school epic knights of yore.

  5. Nice work, my friend. I love the way the green cabling accents the leg hydraulics.

    I've yet to use one in a game, but I'm kind of itching to do a third knight now...

  6. @The Eye of Error: Thanks very much, dude!

    @Zab: Cheers bud! I do love the blue-and-yellow combo.

    @Greg Hess: Cheers! Aye, the gun shield is small-ish, I plan on making up for it with the big-ass shield on the Lancer! :)

    @Da Masta Cheef: Thanks!

    @Dai: I appreciate it - that's what I was aiming for. I have to say I was quite disappointed that all of the 'current era' mechanicum knight schemes were just variations of red/black/white.

    @#2501: Thanks! I'm in the same boat, none of my knights have yet to hit the table. Doesn't stop me from wanting to do more of 'em, though!

    Cheers everyone!

  7. You, sir, make me sick.

    Sick that I can't buy one of these right now and paint it! Dangit it, man, everything you do turns out awesome. the level of consistency, the rate of production (even when you say you have no time), and the way that you're tying your units together.

    This will look stellar on the table with your other Knights, AND with the 1K Sons!!

  8. Genuinely one of the nicest models I've come across! This guy looks huge, are your icons freehand or transfer?


  9. @Miniature Tim: Haha! Thanks very much, man - I really appreciate the kind words!

    @unforgivenangels: Cheers! Aye, the thing is super tall, a good half again taller than the plastic knights. The icons are primarily waterslide transfers, which have been painted over here and there to get them to stand out a bit.

    Thanks, guys!

  10. Awesome looking I love the dynamic pose. I just ordered a castigator myself from forge world, I just wish that it came with a transfer sheet for decals like the other knights.

    How long do did It take to build and paint compared to the paladin/errant knight?

  11. @Gerard de Brentani: Thanks! It went together like a dream, I'd say overall it took about as long to build as it did to build the plastic knights, but you have way more option when it comes to posing. I'd say I definitely enjoyed building the castigator more than I did the paladins!

  12. And this is why I always drop by your blog. It is continuously filled with stunning miniatures like this baby. Wow!