Saturday, December 27, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Spartan painting in progress

I hadn't been feeling the painting mojo recently (hence the flurry of building) but managed to get back in the saddle over the last couple days! With the Las Vegas Open rapidly approaching I needed to come up with a list and finish off whatever unpainted models I may need to do. Figured I'd start with a big one and attacked the Spartan!

Started off with Vallejo Dark Flesh and just went to town getting the base red on it. ...And my hands and the desk.

Next up was successive drybrushes of Red Gore and Blood Red, followed by an all-over wash of Carroburg Crimson, at which point I called it a session and let it completely dry overnight.

This morning I blocked in all of the metal parts in Gunmetal, and tidied things up a bit.

I blocked in the areas that would be bone-colored in Leather Brown, then gave the tracks a Strong Tone wash and the weapons and engines a Dark Tone wash. Had to let it sit for an hour or so for the washes to dry at this point. Lunchtime and chores await!

Once things were squared away and lunch was consumed, it was time to block in the bone color. Many thin coats were required to get any semblance of smooth coverage, the paint just wasn't behaving today. Think it's time to get a new bottle.

The lascannon coils got the Ice Blue/Guilliman Blue treatment, and then came the interminable rivet-painting session. It does add a needed bit of gold to the scheme, though! Next up will be laying on the hull markings - the side doors are going to get some runic script similar to what I'd done on the Vanquishers, and I'm trying to decide if I should do a bone-colored nova on the red front top hatch, or a red nova on the bone colored armor band just in front of the heavy bolters. Thoughts?


  1. wow that's a lot of progress! I vote for bone on red nova just cause the red will be easier to touch up and that hatch is just calling out for something with all that flat space :)

  2. @Zab: Thanks! I believe you're right - a bone-colored nova on the red is just what's needed to balance the colors on the front.