Monday, December 1, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Spireguard Shadowsword

My copy of Conquest arrived a little while ago and I've finally had a chance to sit down and give it a proper read. The Solar Auxilia list is very interesting - while not the 'generic Imperial Army' list I'd hoped it would be, it's nonetheless a very solid and thematic army. With some squinting the Spireguard will function well under its auspices for now! That said, I've been itching to jump back into the army and thought I'd treat myself to some build time since I'd finished the Ursarax recently. Something... Big.

The Shadowsword has always been my favorite superheavy, so it was a no-brainer that the army would get one eventually. The model itself is one of the numerous un-finished projects that Dave left behind and bequeathed to me - he'd planned on doing an Iron Warriors army, and this was to be the basis for Tormentor, Perturabo's personal transport/superweapon. Sadly he never got a chance to build it, but I wanted to ensure it was put to good use in some fashion!

The power turbines, treads, and engine exhausts are all from the inestimable talents of Tom McBride of Blood and Skulls Industries, and also make for a nice nod to the previous Thousand Sons Shadowsword/proto-Falchion that Tom had built for me several years back.

Was poking around on his ebay page and ran across these alternate side sponsons that he'd made when I wasn't looking. Instantly ordered and am awaiting their arrival, seems like they'll be perfect for Heresy-ing up the model a little further! I just need to come up with some good targeters to go on the top in lieu of the Lascannons and we'll be ready to go!


  1. Excited to see you paint another wonderful unit! Man so many rivets. You make my ork battle wagon seem hap hazardly put together....oh wait.

  2. It looks very purposeful, sat there, just waiting.