Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Las Vegas Open, and musings on the future

The Las Vegas Open is coming up in 10 days and I just packed up the army for the trip - Here's hoping they survive the passage through the warp. Always a little dicey. For posterity's sake I snapped a quick pic of 'em all laid out:

Not a particularly hardcore army, it's got the standard 20-man tac squad of which any self-respecting heresy army ought to have at least one, and a spectacularly overcosted assault squad for the second troops choice. The cheap-as-chips terminator squad has died to a man foot-slogging in my last few games, but I'm hoping the new Spartan will help get them where they're most useful. The pair of Plasmacutioners have punched far above their weight class in the past, and the Scorpius is just hell on power-armoured troops. A trio of Javelins add some more much-needed anti-tank firepower, and generally harass backfield troops and emplacements. That said, I fully expect to go 0-and-3, laughing all the way! Win or lose, it's all part of TzeentchThe Primordial Creator's grand plan. Hah!

Since FW has yet to publish rules for the Thousand Sons, for the purposes of the LVO they'll be using the Word Bearers legion rules (as suggested on the LVO rules page), which enables any character to take the Burning Lore upgrade granting them psychic master level 1 which I feel is fluffy for the KSons, and the rules for Lorgar Transfigured makes for a passable Magus analog if you squint a bit. I'd kicked around the idea of including some summoned daemons and/or a unit of Flesh Changed (using the Gal Vorbak) rules, but wanted to keep it simple - just using the basic Word Bearers legion rules and restrictions.

While I was putting the LVO painting chart together, I realized that at this point I've painted every single Thousand Sons model I had planned for (and a few more besides). It actually came as a bit of a shock as I went through the units and turned 'em green! This bring me around to the earlier comment about FW not doing rules for them - one of the tidbits of news that came out of the recent Heresy Weekender was that the Prospero book has been delayed again, and isn't likely to be released until 2016. That being the case, I think when I get back from the LVO it's time to put this iteration of the army up on the auction block and use the funds to build an army that is currently being supported and I've been pondering what that's going to be. Let's be perfectly honest though, I think we all know that when FW does finally get around to doing the sons of Magnus, I'm going to be diving right back into my favorite legion! While the 4,000 points of marines will be going on the block, I'm planning to hold on to the Spireguard, they'll be going into deep storage in the Closet of Doom and deployed again with the 3rd iteration of the army...

So what to do for the next project? I was absolutely blown away by some of the new sculpts and concepts they've shown for the Mechanicum (Ordinatus? Oh my yes.), so they're most likely to be the next focus of my attention. I do still have the Geno Five-Two with Alpha Legion allies idea bubbling around in my head as well. The current SA rules don't really lend themselves well to the Geno, though I am interested to see what the upcoming Word Bearers/Ultramarines book has in regards to militia units (as it's rumored to contain). I've also been listening to The First Heretic recently, so the idea of doing a Word Bearers army has some appeal as well... So many choices!


  1. Congratulations on getting another army finished! Looks beautiful. You will certainly have had plenty of practise by the time forgeworld release their version! How can you bare to part with the army? I'd hang on to it for sure!

  2. As great as the Mechanicum sounds, ya gotta be sick of painting red by now (though you certainly do an excellent job with that color!).

    Yellow is often a beastly color, how bout the Imperial Fists?

  3. Can't wait to see your army in person and meet ya!

    Looks great in photos, which means it'll be even better in person! Just look for the only guy at the LVO with 17 ork walkers on a table :).

  4. Looking really good. Hope you heat face and crush all opponents before you.......apart from space wolfesmof course :).

    Hope you have a blast at the LVO :)

  5. You are so bloody mercenary with your collections - painted one-day, auctioned off the other!

    Makes me so sad to see all these great armies leave. *sniffle*

    (I think you should go Deathguard next, or Ravenguard.)

  6. Every time I see you finish and put one on the auction block, I think to myself "It's so beautiful! How can he let it go?"

    But I guess it's worth it since we get to see more of your stuff! :)

  7. I think, off the cuff, I can remember your:

    K sons
    Orc deaf guard

    So perhaps:

    Tau (kroot mercs ?)
    Renagades & Heretics ?
    Black Legion fluffy list ?

  8. @Colonel Winterborne: Thanks very much! I've always found the building and the painting is far more fun, always moving on to the next fun project!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Hah! Very true - the thought of painting more red does make my blood run a little cold. :D

    @Greg Hess: Right on! Definitely looking forward to it!

    @Nafnaf: Haha! It's gonna be a hoot, hoping I can take a fair number of pics while I'm there!

    @Dai: Hmm - Death Guard could be fun! I do love the Mortarion and Typhon models! Interesting thought!

    @Zab: I'm really starting to lean that way, if only for the different color scheme! :)

    @#2501: Hah! That's mostly how I keep myself in the hobby - sell off one project to help fund the next! :)

    @Zzzzzz: I ended up going through my archives to see, turns out since I started the blog I've painted and sold 16 armies (or proto armies/large projects):

    Vostroyan Firstborn
    Tzeentch Renegades
    Traitor Guard
    Crimson Fists
    Mordian 7th C Company
    Ad-Mech Force Chi Xi
    Kabal of the Crimson Woe
    Heresy Thousand Sons v1
    Waaagh Mo'Dakka (Bad Moons)
    Heresy World Eaters
    Dark Angels
    Craftworld Alaitoc Eldar
    Iron Hands
    Heresy Iron Hands
    Deff Korps of Krieg
    Mordian 7th D Company

    ...I think I may have a problem. Hah!

    Cheers everyone!

  9. Dear Mordian 7th, i really like your thousand sons and all of your other projects but i want to ask: if the name of the blog is Mordian 7th it would suggest that is about yor imperial guard. I know that ive posted a comment in what i was asking whats happening with your regiment. So i will ask: could you post few informations about yor regiment and guard themed projects? Ive read all of your posts about guard and i really liked it.

  10. @Jakub Furlanetto: A fair question - the Imperial Guard have always been my favorite 40k army, and the Mordian 7th is near and dear to my heart. When I started the blog years and years ago, I thought that it would be just about the guard (hence the blog name and my blogger handle) but as the years have gone by it's ended up being the repository for all of my hobby stuff. I've found that I'm less excited about 40k recently and find that I'm enjoying the Heresy stuff far more (the Thousand Sons being my obvious second favorite army), but I'm sure that at some point I'll end up going back to the guard. There's just so much history on the blog at this point that it would be a huge hassle to start a new one with a more generic name - so I'm sort of stuck with a guard-named blog with not a lot of recent guard activity (unless you count the Imperial Army stuff that I've been doing like the Spireguard and Geno Five-Two).


  11. Oh dear.
    It would be great to see you stick with the sons!< but the possibility of purchasing these beauties has me positively drooling.

  12. Dude! Where are you? I didn't see your army anywhere in the GT!