Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Masque of the Dance Without End - Or, don't you have too many projects already?

The upcoming release of the new Harlequins has me rather excited - they look like they'll be a blast to paint! Got a couple Troupe boxes on order along with the new Solitaire and have been poring through the old compendium for inspiration. That led me to an old pic, suitably demotivatored:

...It's not crazy to consider spending $130 on a Proteus Land Raider for a joke paint scheme, right? Hah!

In other news, I've finished off all of the Thousand Sons I'm planning on taking to the Las Vegas Open coming up in a few weeks, and following the work on the Shadowsword recently I was a little burned out on painting crimson and gold. As a quick palate cleanser (or should I say palette cleanser, har!), I'm taking a run at a few Malifaux minis I'd picked up at Feast of Blades last year. ...Heresy for sure!

Still a ways to go with 'em of course, but I'm pretty happy with them so far!


  1. I caved too! Got the harlies and solitaire and the necron lord. Lord and solitaire are gonna be a vignette. Not sure about the harlies. I hope the kit wows me cause the pics and paint job feel like a lot of GWs releases lately. I look and go "Hmm, well they're almost awesome. Why'd they stop short?"

    Nice Malifaux minis :)

  2. I have a pic to send you to put up...

  3. How's your diamond painting?! The models are amazing, I'm sure you will enjoy painting them. And yes they should have a land raider to play with

  4. Harlequins with Land Raiders were staple in my school days.

    The coffins on those Malifaux figs look very nicely done.

  5. The coffins look lovely. Great effect on the wood grain.

  6. I love harlies (i have a whole DE army loosely based on them :) ) and the new models look pretty darn cool. I have ordered mine as well. That pic is a blast from the past. It really is interesting to look back through the art of 40k over it's 20 years and see how it has evolved into its present day (mainly digital) form.

  7. Oh and those mailfaux models look awesome. I have a crew languishing in my paint pile, as I want to get a grip of the game before I go full bore and paint a crew (and I have a shed load of other things to paint too :) )

  8. @Zab: Awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with, man!

    @Zzzzzz: Excellent!

    @Colonel Winterborne: Definitely going to find out, I guess! Hah!

    @Dai: Thanks very much!

    @Frothing Muppet: Cheers mate!

    @Nafnaf: Indeed! The Malifaux minis are an interesting project so far, definitely a far different aesthetic than GW's!

    Cheers everyone!

  9. You should find an old RT LR and paint it up. Those old illos were so awesome.