Sunday, February 8, 2015

Masque of the Dance Without End - Troupe painted!

Managed to get in a fair bit of brush time this weekend, and tore into the new Harlequin troupe boxes that I'd ordered up from my FLGS. I've been feeling pretty burned out on the samey-same paint scheme I've been working with on the Thousand Sons of late, lets just say I don't feel so monochromatic now!

I really wanted to go with a riot of colors on 'em, so I picked out six (red, yellow, green, blue, purple and white) and just started painting areas at random, one color at a time. Surprisingly time consuming compared to the usual batch painting method, as I found I was continually having to backtrack and touch up colors here and there.

One all the main colors were on, certain models got lozenges and polka dots to clown 'em up a bit more. I think I may need to add polka dots to a few more models just to jazz 'em up a touch more, but that's for another day - I was starting to get chromatic whiplash working on them! Hah!

Definitely a fun little project!


  1. Nice work :) Now i feel better about ordering them. Your pics look nicer than GW's. What the hell went wrong with those pics on their site?

  2. Wonderful. You've done a great job. Some of the most fun models I've seen in ages.

  3. never thought i would get to say this ....... but checkers are back in fashion. Finally I can use my painting skill set from the 90's!

  4. They look awesome. Great job!. I really like the new plastic kits too.

  5. I can only assume you must somehow never sleep! How do you get these done so quickly? Amazing work as always.

  6. I agree with the colonel! Your a machine...
    The scheme is great so much more fitting and in keeping with the harliquin spirit than the gw paint job.t to be honest i thought the models were pretty uninspiring til I saw yours!

  7. Well done sir - those look great, even for annoying space elves. :)

  8. Nice, I can hear the vaudeville soundtrack.

  9. That's an impressive amount of harlies in such a short time! Clown hat off to you, Sir!

    Dig the old school paintjobs!

  10. @Jakub Furlanetto: Thanks!

    @Zab: I appreciate it! Definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em! I agree, the paint jobs GW chose are surprisingly bland.

    @John Lambshead: Thanks very much!

    @Riot ville: Haha! You said it!

    @Nafnaf: Thanks! Had a lot of fun building 'em, it's a great kit!

    @Colonel Winterborne: Sleep is for the weak! And I am so very weak. :D

    @Phil Morris: I really appreciate it! I was striving for 'garish'. :D

    @Dai: Hah! Pointy eared elven gits, the lot of 'em!

    @Zzzzzz: Jazz hands!

    @Jeff Vader: Thanks very much man!

    Cheers everyone!

  11. These are much better than the gw ones. Great job with these. I get your point about sameness of painting. I feel the same way about my thousand sons force. After the 60th model it can get boring. You've paint a zillion more thousands sons than I have SoH, so I bet it was getting pretty tedious. I hope you paint more of these!

  12. That's crazy colorful! I like to mix up what I'm painting, but those clown space elves take the cake!

  13. @John Steining: Thanks very much man! Yeah I had to work on something else for a bit and recharge the ol' hobby mojo! I'm waiting to get my hands on the other infantry models but will likely steer clear of the jetbikes and whatnot - I definitely am not doing an army of 'em! :)

    @Joe B: Haha! By the end I was feeling almost worn out from all the clashing colors!

    Cheers guys!