Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Assault Squad painted

I managed to finish off the assault squad over the last few days, gave them a spray sealant in preparation for the addition of the waterslide transfers, weathering and flocking, followed by a final spray sealant pass. Done and done!

Updated the sergeant's helmet to the red-and-white striped veteran look, which sets off nicely against the yellow and black of the armor. Quite pleased with the blue spot color on the eyes and power weapons/cables as well. Ham-fisted color theory for the win!

I added a little static grass here and there on the bases to give them a little more depth, and took a run at adding some painted-on dings and scratches based on some of the examples I'd found online. A little ropey, will definitely need to practice their application further but overall it worked out okay.

Have I mentioned waterslide transfers to the curved marine shoulder pads are the bane of my existence? There was copious use of Micro-Set and Micro-Sol, and much swearing involved. Finally got into the groove and sorted out a couple places the transfers needed to be slit in order for them to lay a bit more flat on the complex curves. Micro-Sol is also a massive help, as it softens the transfers and helps them lay down on the surface. One must be careful after application however, as they become so soft and pliable that it's easy to tear them.

Overall, quite pleased with how the unit turned out, though - 20 marines done, 80+ more to go! Oof...


  1. Ah, I see that I'm not the only one who has that opinion of putting decals on SM shoulder pads!

    Excellent looking squad you have there sir!

  2. Always good to see someone paint Imperial Fists correctly.

    And in Mk4 suits as well.

    Amazing work.

  3. Lookin' good man! Some great detail on these!

  4. So fething cool.

    Really like these mate. If this is how the whole army is going to look then it should prove to be a good'n.

    One thing - the green laurel seems too bright next to the muted armours?

  5. These look simply brilliant!

  6. Looking forward to the family portrait.

  7. Great work, use a sponge for more random chips and dings. for lines that look straighter try applying some tape then just trace the edge of the tape and on one side you will have straight line and the other will be a bit jagged, highlight the jagged side for depth like you are doing now :)

  8. They look amazing. The base colours and scheme offset the yellow really well. Some of your best work I think!

  9. You're flat out nuts. I mean, I know I say that often, but holy crap!

    I need to show these to a friend of mine here who's nuts abotu the 'Fists. Seriously stellar work my friend :)

  10. Looking awesome. The static grass really helps the base look great :)

    I always slit the decals for my wolves in quite a few places to get them flat on shoulder pads. Micro sol and set also help massively.

  11. Great work and at an incredible pace.

  12. Those are my favorite yet. I love the rich brown gold tone you have there.

  13. I personally blame you for my want to create an Imperial Fists force. But I just don't know how people afford so much Forge World.

    Even with the raised bases, which I have never been a fan of, those do look stunning. Bravo that man.

  14. Looking really good! I've tried Microsol and Solvaset with the FW transfers - the sheet they uses is way too thick IMHO (the model train stuff I used to do was much thinner). It still silvers like mad even with multiple coats. I'll try the Microset on the surface first this time - is that what you've been doing?

  15. @Damn The Valley: Thanks very much!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Totally, what a pain in the butt. Cheers!

    @Anginoff: I appreciate it!

    @jugger: Cheers bud!

    @Dai: Thanks! Aye, it's a little neon, thinking it'll get a quick wash to tone it down a bit.

    @Rob: Thanks!

    @Zzzzzz: Will do!

    @Zab: Great tip, man - thanks!

    @Colonel Winterborne: I really appreciate the kind words!

    @Miniature Tim: Haha! Thanks man!

    @NafNaf: Thanks! Microset/sol is a must have!

    @TJ Atwell: Thanks man!

    @John Stiening: I appreciate it - been a lot of fun to work on so far!

    @Rory Priest: Haha! Lots of saving up, and selling off of old models in order to afford the new army.

    @Sir Tainly: Aye - I let the tansfer soak for a while in warm-ish water, apply micro set on the surface then lay the transfer on, and brush with a little more micro set to get it into position. I'll let it sit for half a minute or so, and use some tissue to gentrly press the transfer into the surface. Then it gets a light brush of microset which helps soften and smooth it in place. I'll let that get mostly dry then give it one more pass of microset.


    Thanks very much for all the kind words, everyone!