Saturday, April 4, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Cataphractii Terminators built

Typical springtime in the Rockies here, it snowed an inch and a half a few days back and today it's going to be in the mid 60's! After the fun I had building the Contemptors, I pressed on and banged together the Terminator squad as well:

After the experiment with the cheap-as-chips terminators I'd done for the Thousand Sons, I knew these guys were going to get power fists and chainfists. I decided to go plasma-themed with them as well, with a pair of plasma blastguns and four combi-plasmas. It also has the benefit of allowing the unit to have more spot colors with the blue plasma coil glow.

I had a few parts left over from the Iron Hands build early last year, and put together a second sergeant armed with a thunder hammer and storm shield which allows me to run them as two 5-man squads, but I have to say I like the look of it enough to think I may have to do a full 5-man squad of 'em!

It's warmed up enough that I could primer them earlier this morning, still waiting for it to warm up a bit more before I risk the first sealant coat on the assault squad - looking forward to getting the transfers and weathering on them this weekend and call that unit complete!


  1. damn. That sarge look like he's heavy. Nice work :)

  2. Agree with Zab, that Sgt looks the business. Very much like that 40K IF captain... (who's name escapes me)