Saturday, April 11, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Fists - Tactical Squad(s) painting begins

Cracking on with the infantry for the Fists - Generally when working on an army I try to knock out the compulsory unit choices early on and get them out of the way, which acts as an incentive to work through 'em so I can get to the fun stuff!

Any self-respecting heresy army includes at least one big blob of tac marines, and for the Imperial Fists I decided to go with the more bulky and solid-looking Mk. III armour to contrast against the more sleek look of the Mk. IV assault marines. I had a rummage around in the heresy bits boxes and came up with enough spare models to throw in a second pair of vox & vexilla troopers and a spare bolter marine which will allow me to run them as two ten-man squads as well (hence the pair of Mk. III sergeants back in the characters post).

Next step was to get the yellow on 'em (and my fingers, desk and shirt). While I was at it I also did the yellow on all the character models, but realized I hadn't taken a pic of 'em yet. I'm trying to do the yellow on big swaths of models at once then come back to finish them off as units or individuals, as that ensures the yellow base colors match across the army.

Speaking of, I updated the painting chart to see how things looked. Turns out from a points perspective it's gotten a bit out of hand! Thinking about trimming the Phalanx Warders and Templar Brethren out of the list for points (and cost) reasons, honestly their rules are somewhat underwhelming though I can't deny the models are beautiful. I managed to finish off the terminators and dreadnoughts this morning, just waiting for it to warm up enough to seal 'em, and I'll get some pics up on the blog!


  1. They really are coming along beautifully!
    Making me feel bad about not getting paint on to my blood angels lol

  2. Brillant work!
    Why 40k space marines cant get blobs of 20 tacticals and 30k can? Its unfair!

  3. Warders?

    BS 5
    +1 Initiative
    +1 Toughness
    Defensive Grenades
    Re-rolling failed Saves against Templates and Blasts
    possibly with Power Axes?

    Yeah... an underwhelming choice in defensive situations.


  4. For some reason I have not been able to post in comments here for about a week or so - really strange, couldn't log in. Anyway impressive display of miniatures as always. I really like that techmarine/forge lord, he'll look mean once painted up.

  5. It's hard to do a good paintjob on plain yellow marines. The Army Painter recently published a tutorial about it.

  6. @Theshephrd: Thanks very much!

    @Jakub Furlanetto: Hah! With no access to special or heavy weapons the 20-man blobs are much less flexible than their 40k counterparts, I find.

    @Anurien: Hah! I'm not running the Stone Gauntlet, so they don't get all of those bonuses in my version, but I agree of the two units I'm likely to still do the Warders. Those power axe and boarding shield models are just too sexy not to do!

    @John Lambshead: Indeed - So were my fingers after all the drybrushing! Haha!

    @Manus: Thanks man! Really enjoyed building him!

    @Kadmon: I'll check it out!

    Thanks everyone!

  7. So cool. But yeah, kind of getting out of hand there mate. :P