Thursday, October 15, 2015

Heresy Era Alpha Legion - Dreadtober Contemptor built

While it's not currently part of the army plan for the LVO, I picked up an Alpha Legion dread at GenCon earlier this year and with all the excellent Dreadtober posts going around, figured I'd use it as an impetus to do some work on it!

I have to say the Contemptor is one of my favorite kits to build - all of the articulation points mean you can really get some dynamic poses out of it, and so I went with a charging/running pose, as though it's blasting a unit with the plasma gun prior to tearing into 'em with the power claw. It was nice enough outside when I got home to primer it as well, and am hoping to get some paint on it this weekend. In a bit of a departure from the 'normal' Alpha Legion paint scheme, I'm going to be following the description from Legion and giving it the purple/silver scheme rather than the more commonly-accepted metallic blue/green. The trick is going to be finding an appropriate shade of purple so it doesn't just look like an Emperor's Children dread... Some testing will be required!


  1. Definitely my favourite Contemptor version! Shame I don't collect Alpha Legion...

    Interested to see your alternative AL scheme!

  2. Ohh nice pose man. Very jealous. I hope to get one of those kits at some stage, you really show how much it can do.

    Also wooo for getting in on Dreadtober!

  3. Woot! Another dreadtober entry! Awesome buddy!

  4. Sweet! loving the pose. Welcome to the Dreadtober club :)

  5. Nice. i suggest amethyst from secret weapon. Glaze it over some metallics and it will look purple but more desaturated than the EC.

  6. My fav Contemptor behind the lovely Ravenguard dread.

    Love the pose very much. Natural with weight over the running knee.

    Might well pick up a kit just to build and paint it someday.

  7. Nice to see you on board for DreadTober! looking forward to seeing it all done up.. 8)

  8. @The GunGrave: Indeed, it's a great sculpt!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks very much man - It's such a cool kit, you can do all sorts of crazy posing with it.

    @Greg Hess: Cheers bud!

    @NafNaf: Thanks!

    @Zab: Good idea, I'll try it out!

    @Dai: For sure - the Raven Guard one is sweet! Would love to see your take on a Contemptor!

    @Todd Sherman: Cheers, man! More to come!

    Thanks very much folks!