Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Army - Geno Five-Two test models built!

I got home yesterday and found the long-awaited package from Victoria Lamb waiting for me! Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix-up and the lasrifles I'd ordered were missing from the box (though a quick email to VL sorted the issue), but there were enough bits to knock together a couple test figs to see how everything goes together.

So without further ado - Hetman Peto Soneka and Bashaw Lon! Everything went together like a dream, with the minor matter of the heads. The ones I'd ordered from Meridian Minis don't come with necks but a bit of greenstuff sorted that right out!

Rather pleased with 'em overall - looking forward to building more of 'em once the lasrifles show up! In other plans for the army I'm seeing a lot of "Dreadtober" posts, so I've dug out the Alpha Legion dread I'd picked up at GenCon and have it soaking in preparation for assembly!


  1. Shame about the rifles and I suppose the lack of neck was to be expected but you got past both setbacks wih ease. Those look wonderful.

  2. Those are rather nifty mate. I like your choice of bits for the Geno boys.

    Can you email me? deadestdai at gmail dot com

  3. They do look good. More please.

  4. They look fantastic. I use VL for bits and pieces too. Very cool models from VL but lots of flash.